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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


From now on when I do any writing on politics, it's going to go into a separate blog. Overall, I have this feeling that we need to keep ourselves aimed positively, to be thinking of what is beautiful, true and good. Too often politics is something other than any of those. So this blog will be about everything except politics-- although it may occasionally look at cultural issues. There are, however, times I do want to throw out (as opposed to up) my thinking on politics which will be at--

So if you are interested in such ideas or want to contribute to a dialogue about them, bookmark the above link or set it up for being notified of new posts (which I hope won't come frequently for my own sanity).

The newest one is on General McChrystal with the latest spin doctoring-- including my own!


Paul said...

I love flowers! You can never go wrong with pics of them ! :-)

joared said...

Good thing I checked to see a bit of what I've missed here these past months when I've not been blogging much, so will know where to find your political thoughts now.

I enjoy your views, photos and commentary on the world around us.