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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bryce Canyon

Since I have already written the gist of what I feel about Bryce beyond explaining why it's here which I will leave up to scientists, I can only repeat it was a very special place to spend time and someday I would enjoy going again where I had time to hike more as well as with a knee in better shape for those steep slopes. I might stay next time in Tropic which is below the canyon to see what it all feels like from down there.

I felt very fortunate to have been there in an unplanned, serendipitous time to be somewhere for a few hours, to watch others experiencing the same place, and to get  photos that I will enjoy for many years to come.

Isn't it great that earlier generations preserved it for those of us to come! I know I say that a lot but I think it a lot also. Some say government doesn't do any good. Explain to me how any body but government's could or would set aside something like this for us all to experience.

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la peregrina said...

Forget to tell you, thank you for this series on your travels. The posts have been enjoyable reading.