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Saturday, August 05, 2006


As long as I'm writing about things some would consider over the edge, why not one more? Okay, I can't think of any reason, so here it comes.

This week a friend sent me the following link to a meeting that was held in May of 2001 where a group of seemingly reliable people in various positions, as part of Disclosure Project, stated their experiences with UFOs at the National Press Club Conference-- Google Link. The main point from the group was their desire to testify before Congress on the fact that UFOs exist and each of them has personal testimony and some evidence of this fact. I don't know that any such hearings ever happened, but if they did, they got as little media coverage as this meeting.

I found the part of the video I watched (no, I didn't stick with it for the full two hours but did see quite a bit of it) to be very convincing, but I already pretty well believed UFOs, as in visitors from other planets, were real. The question has always been in my mind what do they intend toward us? Why do they visit here?

For me, there were two disturbing aspects to the video, unrelated to whether there are such visitors from outer space. One was the disturbing thought that once again our government, over many years, is covering up important information-- not just our government but clearly those throughout the world. And then why did the media, some of whom must have attended this session, never report anything about it? Of course, not long after the meeting came 9/11 and a major distraction with a clear human enemy on the planet where the purposes visitors from other planets would have toward us is uncertain. Did the media not write about any of this because they don't want to be thought crazy or was it because, as the video suggests, a shadowy, secret and powerful group block any information being taken seriously that doesn't suit their agenda?

After seeing this, I looked online for the 'other' side and got a link which presented some concerns regarding the goals of Disclosure Project-- Alien Resistance
. Certainly one of the things said on the Google video is not what I have read-- that there have been no reports of harm done to earth citizens by otherworldly visitors. Proven harm maybe not but what about those who claim they were kidnapped, studied, had eggs or sperm harvested, and were otherwise tortured? Has anyone explained the unusual cattle killings that seem to go in spells with animals having organs mysteriously removed? It could be some kind of occult group, but so far I have never heard proof of any being caught or definitive proof as to how it was done.

There are a lot of scary stories circulating regarding alien intentions toward us but what good does it do to panic about it? They certainly haven't attacked us in any major way. It seems wise to study what is going on but not to get in a dither since who is sure if there is any danger. There are enough world issues going on to take care of any needed panic attacks; however, I would like to think our governments, around the world, were on top of it and at least honest with us.... Well, I would.

My own thoughts are there is no reason to imagine there are not others in the many galaxies that are ahead of us in technology, and I hope they won't end up being like those in the film 'Independence Day' (one of my favorite films but not something any of us would want to see happening for real).

Some of my friends, as well as things I have read, have related past life experiences that were on other planets. So maybe 'they' are 'us.' We could hope, but we seem to have a hard time with that concept even here on earth.

Have you ever seen an Unidentified Flying Object? And if so, what did you decide it was?


Mary Lou said...

I have not seen any, but my kids and my sister have.

I do believe that THEY are US and THEY came to earth a loooong time ago, and repopulated a dead or dying earth. That could explain the drawings on the plains of nazca or the pyramids in Both Egypt and the Inca/Mayan areas. It Could also explain how or why the Homo Sapiens differ from the Neandrathal species. (did I get that right?) ((Maybe Cro-magnon?)

Dick said...

I have no personal experience with this but it also seems to me that it is a bit foolish to assume that we are the only intelligent species in all the galaxicies. They are so vast that we really can't comprehend their size. With so many possibilities it seems likely to me that there are other, probably many other, intelligent life beings that exist, but they may be very different from us. I guess we will never know for sure.

Stu Savory said...

...already here and already killin humans my the hundreds of thousands

their name is Bushco ;-)

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I personally haven't actually seen one, but in my night time sky watching, I certainly have thought I might have seen one. I've always believed that our government, like in Roswell, simply kept the truth from us. My dad, the good old metaphysical radical rascal that he was, often saw them.