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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We're having a heat wave

... a tropical heat wave.

No, it's not tropical but feels like it. Not only have we had two 100 degree days in a row, but it's humid to boot. None of that is the norm for the Northwest. A lot of older homes here don't have air conditioning--ours among them, which generally is not a problem as the evenings cool off nicely with the creek so close. But the days this week have been just plain sticky and it seems to take forever to cool off enough to sleep.

This week-end I had the idea of getting a small round table for eating outside. The deck didn't have space for it, but I realized the little gravel garden would hold a small one.

Predictions are for it to cool off to low 90s tomorrow and I have my fingers crossed as it'd be nice if it cooled off enough to actually eat dinner out there. I love summer, love heat; but now days, I like it best when I have air conditioning to escape to.

I thought I'd share a few pictures of the flowers on the deck before they dry up with the heat.

A honeysuckle has always been one of the first things I wanted for any home of mine. I remember fondly the fragrance of the huge one by the backporch when I was a child growing up and I plant one near any back porch of mine as soon as I can.

The fence beyond the deck is not exactly a decor item. It's to keep the deer and sheep out of the petunias. It's amazing how much animals love whatever plant isn't generally found in their pastures-- not so different from humans at that.


Dick said...

Good photos. We are not quite as hot as you having Puget Sound close but I know the record high both yesterday & today in Seattle were broken this year. In the news tonight it sounds like we will have another day of 80s, then a couple only in the 70s but by the weekend we are expected to be back into the 80s. But, 80s is better than the 90s of today. I leave Wed next week for Eastern WA and Idaho where it will be hotter than here. I am glad that the RV has two air conditioners!

Alan G said...

Sounds like we have swapped weather patterns. Here in Arkansas where it is normally hot and humid....we are currently experiencing low humidity and high temperatures in the mid to high eighties. Quite exceptional for us but oh so enjoyable.

Enjoyed the photos.

robin andrea said...

We're in the midst of the heat wave as well, here on the Olympic Peninsula. It's hot even down by the bay. Cooling trend starts today. I'm so excited about it!

Your flower gardens are beautiful. We put our table on the shady east side of the house. Had dinner out there for two nights. Really made a huge difference.

Sandy said...

Seems as though us, being your neighbors to the north are experiencing much the same type of weather. Here on Vancouver Island there have been several records broken (Sat. Sun. and Monday) today is supposed to be a little cooler. Seems as though our eastern provinces aren't nearly as hot as they have been in the past either. Strange weather patterns happening. We don't bother with a/c either, on the North Island in particular as it is not normally necessary or if so, not for long enough unlike a little further south where they usually have them going by now. Keep cool everyone :)

Parapluie said...

We have air conditioning here though usually it is not needed in the Willamette Valley. I don't like air conditioning though. My husband likes it colder than I can tolerate. We came to the conclusion that I would put up with the air conditioner if we set it at 80 plus degrees.
The hot weather has been great for evaporating my waste water left over from acrylic painting. When it gets to the consistency of heavy cream, I add some more acrylic medium and use it all on my paintings. This is a new way of working that came to me in this heat wave.

Mary Lou said...

Well as the others said, It has been hot here too. I swear it was 135 F!! I dont care what the weatherpeople say!! I get so weak in the heat. My muscles ache and I cant breathe and I get so tired when I get up to walk that I think I am going to fall down. I thought it might be dehydration, so I gulped the water down, I feel so much better today.

The cooler Front moved through with high winds, but sooo cool!! I almost closed all the windows and built a fire. I didnt though. Just enjoyed being cold!!
Slept like a baby finally !

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Ah, a touch or Arizona in your Oregon garden. Do you have a touch of Oregon at the Arizona place? Still really pleasant here, but Mary Lou mentions the heat, too--and then there is all that rain in the northeast. Sheesh.

Rain said...

the Southwest always showed up in my home, Fran. and the southwest home has touches of the northwest for sure. I have enjoyed southwestern type gardening with containers on the deck since I had a garden of my own to work with. My heart has always been both places.

Sonia said...

Beautiful flowers and your garden is very charming!