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Friday, March 24, 2006

Dream of a mountain lake

Dreams always matter to me. I have vivid, allegorical dreams that have led me to better understandings about my life. I have pedestrian dreams where I am doing nothing but busy work. Sometimes I see relatives long gone in dreams mixed together with current relatives. Some nights I know I dreamt all night long and remember none no matter how hard I try. I believe working to remember our dreams can help us in our lives. Having a dream journal is a way to keep track of the symbols you are seeing in your dreams that recur.

Perhaps because I am an artist, I sometimes have dreams I can paint, others that lead into stories to write. I thought I'd share one of my dreams as it came this week. It unfolded like a movie.

A mountain village, timbered around it, small stores and homes. The woman came to live there from elsewhere. She worked in the community and it seems was maybe a teacher. She found a boyfriend-- very good looking, kind, smooth-featured man and was happy with her life. (Was she me? I don't know.)
For a special event, she was invited to the mountain home of the local timber baron, whom she had not yet met. The home was higher in the mountains at one end of a long valley, heavily timbered, lake in the middle and huge house, very manor like.
She felt an instant connection to the laird. He was older than her, ruggedly handsome, powerful in physique and manner, but also had a lovely wife, grown children. He invited the young woman to explore his valley and took her on a boat across the lake. By this time the wife had left for business elsewhere.
When they arrived at the other end of the lake, there were a cluster of buildings and one was a parsonage where the man had grown up with many siblings and without much money. His father had been parson to a small community. The man had restored his childhood home to a tidy little memorial to that family which was now gone. She recognized that by now she was very attracted to this man. He told her that he would not make love to her in the home where he had grown up out of respect to his father's values. He invited her instead to come back to his large home and live with him for two months as if they were man and wife. When his wife returned from her trip, their interlude would end.
She didn't answer him but she was very tempted to take his offer as she wanted what they could experience in those two months even knowing she would never know it again in her life and since the village was small, likely would cost her continuing to live there. As they took the boat back across the lake to the manor, the view shifted to the manor house and her boyfriend who was waiting there for her. The dream ended before the story did.
I suppose this is a version of many fairy tales-- a promise of an enchanted time but with a price to be paid. The boyfriend represented safety and security but the laird represented the unknown and risk. I did look up what a lake meant in an online dream dictionary. I use it mostly when I have dreams with many symbols which I think might have significance-- especially if they don't fit into my real life in any daily sense. In this case, I saw many symbols, but doubt most would appear in any dream dictionary.

This is my favorite dream dictionary and sometimes I have used it to tear a dream apart from one end to the other and found a lot of personal applications from what might not seem significant otherwise. I believe most symbology we must figure out for ourselves as the significance of something in a dream for one person might be very different than for another.

How do you use your dreams?


Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I'm going to send my friend Linda a link to your dream. She is the most powerful dream reader I personally know--Jeremy Taylor student. Your dream definitely seems archetypal to me. Dreams play a huge role in my own inner journey, but I rarely interpret them. I gather them and periodically look at the patterns. I love your photo, too. Where was it taken?

Rain said...

thanks, fran. I'd love to hear someone's interpretation of it.

The photo is Wallowa Lake which is in northeastern Oregon. I took it last summer. They call that the Little Switzerland of Oregon.

It was where the Nez Perce lived until they were driven out by white men who sought their land. There is a memorial to Chief Joseph on the banks of the lake.

For those who don't already know, the story of the Nez Perce was a tragic one. I have some other photos that tell a little part of it that I might turn into a blog someday.

Sonia said...

I always dream but I can't remember all my dreams when I wake up. I remember a little pieces of it and suddenly they all gone like a bubble of soap. But I believe that dreams are very important to our lives.

I read a book very interesting about dreams. It's "The Man and his Symbols", by Carl G. Jung.

There is another one, "The Dream and human societies", by Roger Caillois e G.E.von Grunebaum(University of California Press, 1966), very interesting, too.

But I love this remarkable book about myths and dreams -"Dictionnaire des Symboles", by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant. I think there is a translation of this book.

Love your photo!

Have a happy weekend!

Parapluie said...

The dream post is very timely. My 35 year old daughter had a vivid dream involving a car, a wedding and a dress. The dictionary could interpret it with meaning for her life. Then her daughter had a dream about a lion the same night. The dictionary helped me to understand them today.