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Painting in header by Diane Widler Wenzel and on my wall-- lucky me :).

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

by Diane; The elements in my photographs that speak to my painting

Seeing  interesting pattern, shapes, line, and color in the landscape is a step in framing my photographs to a rectangular window. Then without copying any photograph I repeat natural pattern, shape, line and color learned in taking pictures.
Or does the exercise of painting inform my picture taking with the camera at the same time taking pictures with the camera informs my painting?
I without intending to
selectively photograph these natural elements of design
 which are similar to what I have painted.





Practicing with the viewfinder of the camera, is similar to composing many paintings. It helps me see the emotional impact of the design elements. Only in a painting I have the license to make changes spontaneously.

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