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Saturday, January 12, 2019

settling in

by Rain Trueax

To be honest, I don't have much to say. Lots going on politically, but I prefer not writing about that-- bad enough to think about. So, where I am out of words, how about some pictures of life here in Tucson. 

Our first project is figuring out a change in our carport (it's deteriorating) due to weather, some mistakes in building it-- and termites.

We also are seriously looking at getting a fifth-wheel trailer after our experience driving south in December. The big trucks caused the trailer to sway, making the drive less than pleasant. I guess fifth wheels handle that better. 

Supposedly in California trucks should go the same speed as anyone pulling a trailer of any sort. Think they do that? Not so much...

Anyway, while my brain recuperates from the travel and some other things we are trying to work out, these are photos from our home, land here where we are enjoying the quail, javelina and birds as we try to settle in for a few months.


Celia said...

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises away from our cloud cover. On Sunday, Jan. 20th there is a total eclispe of the moon if you're interested. I think it starts around 11:30pm where you are right now. I doubt we will see it through the clouds and fog.:-)

Rain Trueax said...

I am not sure if we will either since surprisingly, Tucson has had quite a bit of rain and cloud cover. The eclipse starts at 10:15 here; and if we can get photos, we definitely will. it should be high in the sky as it rises that day at 5:26 or so-- although with Pusch Ridge, it doesn't show here that early

thelma said...

Hope you are settling in well, do the cats mind changing from one place to another?

Rain Trueax said...

They loved it, Thelma, as they'd been here before. They have a fenced yard to be outside and the weather is warmer. They'll like it even better when it gets warm enough for me to sit outside with them. Tucson has been colder than usual this January. Not way out of normal but colder than last year when we arrived.