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Sunday, May 20, 2018

borrowing a book

by Rain Trueax

After trying Kindle unlimited for a few months, we have decided it was not a good fit and we're pulling out the paranormals. The way it works there is they automatically renew you if you don't mark otherwise. I changed the auto-renewals; and two books are already out-- Sky Daughter and Diablo Canyon. The Hemstreet Witches will take a while as I didn't want to lose the ability to ever go into it again. 

In early June, the first of those will be out, and it'll take through to August to get them all out. If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member and you want to try one of these books (The Shaman's Daughter; To Speak of Things Unseen; A Price to be Paid; and Something Waits), the time there is limited. (Their links are alongside here in the book lists)

The stories revolve around four sisters, who are natural born witches as they work with their mother and grandmothers to right wrongs and on their own-- fall in love. 

Beyond their being romances, I've had a hard time tagging these books as I've moved from calling them fantasy to paranormal and now maybe metaphysical. The stories have grown in complexity as the witches have faced normal problems every woman faces-- along with some extras. 

Normally, I'd suggest starting with the first in a series, even though these are all standalone books, but the fourth one, Something Waits, goes out of KU first-- June 3. If you want to give them a try, it might be your best bet. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BCLCMY4 

Torre Hemstreet's romance travels from Tucson to Navajo lands in Northern Arizona. I especially enjoyed that part of writing it with mixing in their mythology with our own... Maybe that's what the books are-- mythological romances, except that suggests set in the past and they are set in today's world with mythological powers. 

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