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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

don't got much...

This has been an unproductive week... make that two weeks. First Ranch Boss developed a bad cough and what might've been allergies. Three days later, I had it and we pretty much are convinced it's a cold. Allergies aren't catching. I only get sick when he comes home with something first-- and then there is no evading it. When I go out, I am careful about hand cleansing. He has been but guess he thought the season was past. The season is NEVER past. 

So taking cough syrup, along with Benadryl (as allergies are still with us as the pollen season is at its height) has me mentally dumpy. My writing has been short circuited with maybe 500 words in a good day. I am doing lots of thinking but making little progress where it requires physical effort. 

We were supposed to be at the beach, renting a house with some longtime friends, but fortunately were able to switch the dates to later this month. We've been told this thing, going around in a nearby town, lasts two weeks... That should be up soon. In the meantime, the only thing I've got for here are some photos.

I thought for anyone interested in the Dreamscope app, I'd share a couple of photos-- sharing the original and the result of the Curse app. Photos are from Stencil.

 If you are a painter, what I see the app can do is show you how to look at a scene or image and go beyond realism to impressionism or an abstract. It can be inspiration but is not a replacement for the painter as they all seem to be limited as to color palettes. Painters are not.



Celia said...

I applaud you for your 500 words. Impressive work with a cold and allergies.

Rain Trueax said...

That didn't happen today. Miserable cold and I worry since asthma is one of my potential problems under certain circumstances.

Annie said...

Well I applaud you too! Get better soon! And as an aside, I think "miserable cold" is the full and correct name for what you have, people who leave out the "miserable" have no idea what they are talking about.