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Saturday, April 15, 2017

a complication

by Rain Trueax
 Sometimes I write blogs weeks ahead, as the ideas are flowing, and I want to get them down. Then there are times, like this week, where nothing is coming-- as the tail end of the cold has me still feeling dragged out. I am off the over the counter meds mostly... which is good because one of them had a surprise for me.

My first migraine was when I was pregnant with our first child and not that far from delivery. I was taking a hot bath and suddenly got the aura, some numbing of one arm, and a slight headache. We called our regular doctor and he said it wasn't a stroke. He was right, and it was over soon-- baby soon to come after. 

More migraines followed in the next months, and my regular doctor didn't seem to have a name for them. He gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant, which I didn't like taking. I went to an osteopath and his adjustment brought on one of auras, but eventually his realignments were the answer. Through the years, I went from osteopath to osteopath and currently a chiropractor, who with those alignments always ended any migraine cycle. 

Now I knew migraines can be brought on by certain foods but hadn't actually had one I could assign to a food-- until this last week. I got a double migraine one morning with a nasty headache (mine hadn't always had headaches). It had come after eating some potato chips (yes, i know junk food). That afternoon, I got another migraine, again from a food known to potentially trigger them in some people. 

By this time, we were researching ingredients in the cough syrup (one safe for those who take meds to lower bp). It turned out it was known for triggering migraines in some people. I took it again before bed, got another migraine, with a headache and knew for sure that it was that syrup. Maybe for someone else, it'd have been fine, not for me-- although I had taken it for a week before it triggered the migraines. 

I am only writing about it because it might do the same for someone else. No migraines since I quit the cough syrup. The cough is fortunately tapering off also. 

Writing has been going poorly. Any schedule I had for it has been tossed. I need to write when I feel it, not force it.


Wendy said...

Tough to experience migraines. I get the aura without headache. Sometimes the earth rises up to meet me and I have to sit down until that weird disorientation stops. Other times, it's low light as in cloudy days that makes me feel light-headed, disoriented, shaky and just plain unbalanced. Still other times it's that zigzaggy line at the corner of my vision. Yuk!

Nothing to do for it, but hang in there. I'm glad your cold is much better - and no more awful cough syrup.

Writing has to come from the heart or spirit - certainly not forced as you so wisely pointed out.

Rain Trueax said...

Thanks for your comments, Wendy. I generally get a mild headache with mine but the one triggered by the cough syrup was a more painful headache. No fun :)