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Wednesday, October 05, 2016


The following article caught my attention. One of the things I find at Facebook is assorted posts, sometimes not from friends, but from things that are sponsored or that it's assumed I'd find of interest. This one fits into my theme lately of life changing considerations. I think most of us have gone through being around someone who fits at least one of the categories of being a toxic person. We also could probably add a few to the list.

To start, if you read the list, you see that we all can fall into one of the negative categories at one time or another. For instance going through a negative period can be part of depression. The difference is when someone is using negativity as a way to gain power, as a way to suck energy from others.

I think right now it's equally important to avoid toxic situations which can mean reading less of the newspaper, avoiding certain television programs, etc. We seem to be in a high pressure time. We need to be self-protective. Nothing lasts forever but sometimes it can seem as though it does.


Tabor said...

These are certainly arsenic times!

Rain Trueax said...

they are and hard to avoid totally.