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Saturday, October 15, 2016

some politics

Beyond these photos be scorched earth politics. For those who are getting all the politics they want and then some, please return to my blog another day. I do however, plan to spend the next few blogs discussing issues that matter to me. That would be, not necessarily in this order-- environment, social issues, economics, and globalism or nationalism.

On our leased land, it's pretty, but tansy is poisonous to cattle. On these plants are the caterpillars that will strip it given enough time.

Some people will not be voting on issues this Presidential election. For them, it will be ethics. If they have been paying attention to more than their own side's spiel, they will have to weigh which ethical lapses bother them most. 

On the lapse that the media is salivating over, it's a tad interesting, why Bill Clinton, being accused of raping and molesting women and then lying about an eventually proven, consensual liaison, was considered not a big deal for many liberal voters; but with Trump it is the whole tamale. 

Well, I confess, I didn't consider it a big deal with Clinton in terms of my voting for him for President-- twice.  I never figured he was an angel. I do believe the women who dared speak up, claiming he groped or raped them, were treated poorly. Because of the support of the news media and his wife, the women ended up being the ones attacked-- even those where it was not consensual. 

That won't likely happen to Trump's accusers. They are on the 'correct' side and helping to take down a dangerous dragon. It is possible Trump lied when he has denied what the women claim. It is also possible, given inconsistencies in some of the stories, that the women lied. Most of it is he/said/she/said. What do we believe? What suits us ideologically.

Bill Clinton, who have those who say he crudely discusses women, is benefited by not having a tape (yet anyway) with him saying that's exactly what he did. There are the stories of him golfing with a proven sexual predator where they shared successes. There are the stories of him partying (as did Trump) with a proven pedophile. But you know birds of a feather don't necessarily flock together-- unless it's someone on the other side anyway ;).

Trump's sexual words were disgusting. If he followed through with actions, that's not seduction but abuse-- and most likely sexual addicion (likely true of Clinton also). I would ask why these women never reported it at the time. One of them said he put his hand on her leg in a crowded nightclub in the '90s but why she didn't stop him right there, I don't know. I can't imagine letting a man touch me inappropriately without moving away or telling him what I thought of him

Maybe they had heard from the Clinton accusers where they found their reputations were destroyed, they were insulted, and the media dismissed them as well as Hillary's possible threats to them. Reputations can be ruined when women go up against powerful people

It is possible, with Trump, that he is still acting this way (Clinton continued with his predatory behavior into the White House). Nevertheless, his sexual addiction (the part he admitted) won't be what I'll be voting on. I wish it had not come out and that this whole had stayed on issues, which to me matter more. It will now look like he lost over this and that Americans want Hillary's policies-- whatever they might be.

Trump does have personality issues that I consider bigger deals-- unwillingness to educate himself; thin skin; too easily diverted, all of which could make him high risk as a President. He can't let insults roll off his back (not sure Hillary can either). It's not good to have a President who has to strike back-- not when the world knows how easily he's provoked.

I consider both candidates for President in 2016 to be ethically challenged, with huge egos, and a desire for power, for which, they will do and say anything. 

"Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris." Colin Powell wrote in an email. I'd  say he described it pretty well regarding her. If you go back through her history of who she appoints, what she promotes, how she operates, you see it time after time. That's a big deal in a President and any other year might've been the end of her chance to be President. 

In my place to rant, I wrote about the reasons people don't trust her: [transgressions or not]. To me, the emails carry through to today with destroying over 30,000 from her private server when doing business for the government as Secretary of State. Of course those were personal-- just about yoga and weddings... Seriously, only diehard liberals buy that one. Why would she care if the FBI or anyone looked at those innocent posts? There likely was more based on what's coming through on her staff and friends' emails.

I think we all know that her staff got rid of anything that looked illegal or embarrassing, and she got away with doing it because the FBI chief knew he dared not indict her and used the excuse she just didn't know what she was doing. That doesn't get other offenders off the hook but do liberals care? Not much.

HRC has the entire establishment backing her-- Republicans, Democrats, and media. For those like me, who want to vote on issues the Wikileaks material is disturbing since what she says in those paid speeches, like who better to guard then henhouse than the foxes (bankers for the Cabinet and on helping write regulations proved to also be Obama's favorite picks). No wonder she does not want those speeches being aired, the ones that made her millions of dollars, but no strings attached-- of course.

So will she have an enemy list? Has she used political power to gain wealth, sold access to the State Department for donations to the Clinton Foundation? Did the Clinton Foundation do good work or was it all about cushy jobs, jets and plush offices? The fact that no journalist has seriously looked into this gives her fans wiggle-room, but, as with Trump, there is a lot of smoke out there.

After I'd written this I saw that she went on a daytime talk show, which leans heavily left (full disclosure I've never seen the show as I watch no daytime TV). She was horrified at how Trump had stalked her during the second debate. Seriously, that's what she said when the photo they used to illustrate it is her walking to his side of the stage to answer a question from a participant and him leaning on his own chair. The host was equally horrified at his behavior. This kind of accusation helped Hillary win the Senate race in NY; so guess she figures it will work again as many lefties were posting what he'd done. Seriously, this is how they saw it. It was not how I saw it or the other half of the country. 

You can see how unhappy I am with either candidate. I am not convinced either will do what they have said regarding the issues. Both pander to their bases-- what do they really hope to do? Are they avoiding some issues to not have to say? As it stands, I cannot ethically vote for either; so what do I do? I'll be getting into that later, but first will come issues, which I wish Americans would care more about than many appear to do. If we get a President, who people don't trust, they better darned well be watching that chicken house themselves!

Next blog, I'll take a whack at the question of globalism or nationalism. It's complex and a biggie which influences many other issues from economics to laws. It was behind Brexit. I believe there are good folks on each side of the debate. Yes, we have a changing world... Wait, that'll be next Wednesday ;).


Tabor said...

You have presented your dilemma in choosing a candidate fairly and openly. I was very angry when Bill Clinton dirtied the dignity of the position with that intern but did not follow the claims about his earlier escapades as I had already found him guilty. I look back on the two candidates today and see where they were in their lives and what they were doing with their lives during those decades and that has decided my vote. I also have a feeling which has NO PROOF that one of these candidates has serious financial debt in Russia and that is why Russia is attempting to manipulate the contest. This election has damaged both parties and maybe we are going to have a cleansing and actually have the voters determine who gets to be promoted for consideration in the future. I am also a liberal and admit that issue voting colors my opinions.

Rain Trueax said...

If Russia is... That's what the Obama administration and Clinton campaign are claiming but Assange said no.

What I think is Americans need to think about the issues this time, what is at stake and whoever they vote for-- keep track of what is happening after the election. If you can't trust the President, and many will not, then you better be aware and have an opinion on the big issues that impact their lives.

I also have almost always voted for the Democrat in the campaigns with only a few times voting for Republicans (and yes I have, but it was rare). There are issues I care a lot about and women's rights are high on that list. But I was reading an argument how women's issues are why women overlooked Bill's predatory sexual behavior, Hillary's threatening the women, and the press acting as though it was all consensual. The reason was Clintons had the correct stand on the gorilla in the room for many women and that over-weighed the elimination of Glass Steagall (which Hillary has said she won't reinstate) and some of the trade deals that hurt American manufacturing to the benefit of the oligarchs. Those oligarchs are the ones funding Hillary's campaign to the rate of two times the numbers who donated to Bernie or Trump. She will have to pay them back...

I wish we had a system that made possible third parties rising up because as it stands, the two big ones collude on issues and it leads to people being angry but then manipulated to keep voting for only the big two. I've never seen such a disgusting election and can barely stand to read half the newspaper articles because I think the media is salivating over this. Talk about Yellow Journalism.

Ingineer66 said...

This cycle is certainly a mess. I think it may be the beginning of the end for the Republican Party. Likely in 2 more elections, we will see a major advance of a third party. It would be nice if it had conservative fiscal values and libertarian or liberal personal values. We will see. I will be holding my nose and voting, because I think the main important issue is the Supreme Court. If Hillary gets her way, it will be the end of the 2nd, 4th and 14th amendment and the 1st will be in serious trouble.

Rain Trueax said...

The Supreme Court is a big one for me too and i can see how it will influence a LOT of votes. Roe v Wade could be on the line if it's Trump and who knows who he'd appoint-- John Bolton? I won't be happy though with an extreme left choice to replace Scalia. I wish the Senate had let Obama's pick go through as he sounded fairly middle of the road. They may come to regret that.

Harold/AQ said...

There's a lot to consider; that's for sure. Maybe it really is too much to ask for a good person to give up their life to go into government.

Rain Trueax said...

I just wish people would pay more attention to the issues as that's what either will govern on. Right now important questions like social security, new wars, environment, and globalization are being ignored by the news as they salivate over juicy accusations.

Most of the press is very biased and print headlines that deliberately distort. The latest was Trump suggesting they both be drug tested before the debate. The headline I've seen everywhere is-- Trump wants Hillary drug tested. Now, the fact that he's been accused of using cocaine makes it easy to see why he'd want the drug testing for himself, but it also might answer questions regarding Hillary's health. You know she'd never agree to it, but many favor drug testing for welfare recipients so why not Congress and our leaders...

Luna Crone said...

I saw your comment and Icon, on another blog. Beautiful gray hair! Had to come over, to see your blog. And! You are in your 70's. Well, my Dear, I am 79. So am at the very end of my 70's. And happily, still moving. :-)

Do love and envy your beautiful long, wavy, curly gray hair. I am finally letting mine grow. Not that it is wavy or curly. But it is making me very happy. :-)

You are doing political commentary, in your blog. Some years ago, I did that too. Back in '08, to be specific. But all it did, was upset my BP and gain me a stalker. So I closed that blog, and went back to the usual-pretty-blog-land-stuff. Needless to say, that got boring.

So I now embrace my Cronehood. Post what I wish. Have found new women, to follow. Go where I wish. Etc. But still, do not go into politics. Old BP will not allow it anymore.

I do FEAR a Hillary presidency. She already has too many branches of government, under her thumb. She wants open borders, and globalization, and many other horrors. I'm digging a hole, and looking for a big rock, to block entry to it, and looking to Nature, to give me peace. For as long as that lasts.... Hell, the present administration is allowing Iran to build a bomb!!!! -sigh-


I have pretty much lost mine, I hate to say.

Late Autumn blessings,
Luna Crone

Rain Trueax said...

Hi Luna, sounds like we are of a like mind. We have to hope for the best with the younger generation. We likely won't see the culmination of so many things. Nice to meet you. My hair doesn't always look good but it always looks like a crone ;). I like it being silver and wearing it long. In Oregon there are quite a silver-haired ladies with long hair. :)

I had also decided to avoid politics for a long time but what i really want now is for Americans to pay attention to the issues and it means more to me than whether I lose readers-- and I am sure I do. I am going to hit on one after another until the election with not a desire to necessarily convince but to inform of the options. Then I'll go back to my writing process and the books probably. I try to write ideas here but it's easier to use pretty photos and not rile the base lol