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Saturday, September 17, 2016

deeper meanings

If you are not a writer, what I am about to discuss may be of little interest to you. Either way, this article is important for the time in which we are living-- at least in my opinion. 

Romances are one part of literature that is not well respected, especially by intellectual elites. But all writing can have deeper meaning-- or not. Some don't want that when they read for pleasure. They are looking for escape, and the last thing they want is a message.

Can a romance writer be an intellectual? I would guess some don't think so although they might make an exception for Jane Austen?

I could believe our culture has gone a little too far toward escapism based on the entertainment that serves to fill many people's days. 

Personally, I like to write with a message behind my stories but always hope it doesn't end up preaching instead of being subtle. There is a balance-- and I'm always looking for it :).

image from Stencil and relates to the book I am currently writing as well as a recent dream that gave me one of its scenes. How does that happen where the story is set in Arizona? A conference at the coast... :)


Tabor said...

This is so true. I just finished reading Girl on the Train and while it was a compelling ride, it was full of stereotypes and techniques that have been done to death. If there is no sophisticated message in the and its resolution, I at least want complicated characters that evolve.

Rain Trueax said...

It's hard to find anything that is original given how many books have been written by now. I've read that Shakespeare had all the possible plots. It really does come down to interesting characters but they are pretty much all out there also. And yet we still want to read ;)