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Saturday, December 05, 2015


This is a tough time to write a post for this blog. I want to be positive. A lot out there is negative. I am currently doing what will be the final edit for my fourth Oregon historical. Eastern Oregon was in the midst of a deadly Indian war; there were outlaws hitting the stage routes; Chinese were being mistreated by whites; diseases had little treatment possible; and yet people had to live their lives as best they could.

Born in 1943, while WWII was still raging, I grew up in a relatively interesting time for positive thinking. When WWII ended, people thought they had fought the last big war. Then came the Cold War where two countries, very capable of nuking each other were off and on right on the edge of doing just that. We had the Korean War, the Vietnam War, miscellaneous skirmishes, and the country was on edge over social issues where there was no agreement what should be done.

Because I had a family where politics was discussed, I grew up as informed as is possible, given how facts can be twisted to suit agendas. I voted and voted again. Often I wasn't pleased with the choices, but I always picked one. Likewise my husband and I taught our children the same responsibility.

Except did our votes change anything? In some ways they did. I mean those who voted for GW Bush have to know that if Gore had won that election, the one that Florida and its hanging chads and double voting decided by the Supreme Court and no investigation of the fraud, we would not have gone to war in Iraq. This was a war that the right wanted but didn't pay for and hence led to a deficit that was made worse by tax cuts that were not funded. No, that election made a difference unlike what Nader claimed, justifying his running when he had no chance and made Gore's less likely. 

Anyway, I am trying to think positive here. It's difficult in a time where we've had one mass murder after another. Where people spread hate more than love. But I write romances, and they do believe in good winning out. I have to believe that is true-- in the long run.

This is the cover for the new book-- out December 21st. It takes the family from arriving in Oregon, to building homes, making lives, having babies, to one last sister falling in love in a turbulent time. 

You know life has always had turbulent times. They don't last.


Tabor said...

The don't last...forever. But they may last my lifetime. Yes, Bush was not elected but appointed.

Rain Trueax said...

Right now it doesn't seem it's getting better and that's the worrisome thing. These lone wolf attackers can have any reason. They are inspired by all sorts of what seem insane reasons to most of us-- like wanting to be infamous. Terrorism can be from a mix of revenge and a desire for political change. I don't expect this cycle to get better soon-- even as I wish it would. It won't impact most of us directly but it's the randomness that makes it so tough. It could and at any time.

robin andrea said...

These are very interesting, challenging times. Not what I expected when I was a teenager marching against the war in Vietnam. I have often thought over the years that Nixon's presidency and resignation set off a chain of events that brought us here. Reagan's dumbing-down of the country went perfectly with the rise of a very powerful and hidden super-rich ruling class. I can't remember when I first heard the theme of "God guns and gays" but the siren call was sounded and resonated in the land. This is a very long battle being waged, and I'm worried about the future in so many ways.