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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tis the season

Christmas has changed a lot for me through the years as I suspect it has for us all as we get into old age. We were a child and then we had our own homes and our own child. Then the child was gone and how we celebrate the holidays changes again-- more for some than others, of course.

A few years ago I wrote a Christmas novella about a family living on a ranch and a woman's desire to heal old emotional wounds by bringing to the ranch some estranged members of her husband's family.

While Christmas can be emotionally wonderful for some, for others, it's a reminder of all that has not been right in their lives. My novella delves into some of that and of course, at the heart of this family gathering is the ranch and Montana. 

For the season, until 1/1/16, A Montana Christmas will be on sale for 99¢. It's not as much romance as some of my books and is more a slice of life. Since it follows a novel, From Here to There, with the same characters, you might even call it an extended epilogue as it deals with healing. 

In addition to preparing for Christmas, there is a Solstice celebration using ancient Celtic traditions, which have been brought forth by many today as it is the time when we bring back the light.


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