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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

dreams that encourage

If only I could have taken real photos in my dream this week.  It was such a mix of images and events. The interesting part, for me, is it came after a decision I had made. I didn't need the dream to tell me I had done the right thing; however, it served as an encouragement to stay the course. 

The decision involved an email from someone who seemed very nice, very real, and was complimenting my last book. She said it had the potential to be a bestseller. She promised she could get me 50 reviews that would be good and real reviews and were what it would take to get the book to the top. She included the site where I could get them-- of course, for a fee. 

Who does not want their book to be a best seller? But I already knew writers can buy reviews. I had decided earlier that I would not go that route. If I couldn't find readers who wanted to do reviews, I'd stay with the few I had, who have offered them honestly and had actually read the books. It makes each review a treasure for me and fair for future possible readers.

I didn't write this lady back because she probably meant well (and maybe wasn't trolling). Heck, she might even be right, as to what it takes; however, for me, it would feel dishonest and even spoil the value of the reviews I already have. 

Then came the dream that night.

On vacation somewhere on the edge of a lake, maybe Tahoe, I was with a group of people, made up of family and friends, who they were was vague. What wasn't vague was Viggo Mortensen was there. As a group, we were going through this fantastic home that had been created only for its art and for the joy of photographers. It was like a maze. You would follow narrow, crooked corridors. Some would go on, others led to dead-end rooms, where we had to backtrack. They were all filled with marvelous opportunities to take photographs. Very little furniture, white walls, amazing angles, huge abstract paintings, and furniture sparsely placed only for the beauty-- a photographer's delight. Whoever had created this structure, which seemed to have been a home at one time, had created it to be experienced.

But, I was frustrated as my camera was using the 55-250mm, and it was not working right. I would see this marvelous opportunity for a photo, look through the lens, try to frame it, and it wouldn't shoot or it would zoom beyond my desire and ruin the image. Only a photographer can understand the frustration. Finally I gave up and decided I had to walk back to the place my camera equipment had been left, a rental house. I asked the lady who was a docent if there was a shorter way back. She said no, but then I saw an outside sidewalk. There was.

I realized Viggo had followed me to be sure I was all right. Now in this dream, I wasn't the me I am today as I was younger and I definitely had aspirations where it came to him. I didn't appear to have a husband around; however, his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend or whatever followed us to spoil my hopes.
So I got my proper lens, started out again, and he was still with me. Then I realized-- he was trying to make her jealous, and it wasn't about me. I smiled and told him why not make her really jealous. I pulled his head down for a kiss which he kindly reciprocated. The dream ended after a few of those. My dreams are always amazingly innocent for a romance author.
Dreaming about him is not too surprising since he is one of the few celebs that I have chosen to follow on Facebook-- the others are all writers. I like his mix of photography, paintings, poetry (some of which is his work, as well as photos of himself), and sometimes an interview.  If you are interested in any of that, his site is full of creative inspiration.

A recent interview that he, or whoever puts together his site, shared was a good example. He said after Lord of the Rings, he's only done indie work. The movie he is currently promoting is by a Danish filmmaker who had never before worked with an actual actor but has achieved award winning results. The story is about a Danish man who comes to South America with his daughter, she wanders off, and he has to find her. The film sounds like it's about nature, beauty, relationships, and, of course, Viggo, who at 56 or so is still pretty much a work of art himself. 

Oops, I got distracted from my blog purpose here. What I felt was important about the dream was how in all the feelings in it, plus including him, it encouraged me in my own path of staying independent in what I write, not trying to fit a mold of anyone else, and taking the slower but honorable path to getting reviews. 

What a wonderful experience in the dream to go through this gorgeous structure where one great photograph potentially followed another, only to be frustrated with a tool that would not work, to make the decision to go back for the one that would, and then the reward-- Viggo Mortensen and a kiss. :)  

I did not need the beautiful dream to know I was right not to buy reviews but it made for an enjoyable night. Sometimes when I have had a particularly vibrant dream, full of images, I do a digital painting to express it... this time, I will just have to settle for the word pictures.

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