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Saturday, November 29, 2014

giving thanks

Just past Thanksgiving, although we are a long way from our family this holiday, I am grateful that they are enjoying it together. I also am enjoying our time on the Arizona desert. 

As a nation, we are going through a very tough time. It is important at such moments to figure out what to do to fix what is wrong-- but never forget all that is right. We have a lot that is wrong and immigration policies that don't work could be at the head of any lists. This is more a cultural issue than even a partisan one-- even though it's portrayed as partisan by one group that profits from the existing situation-- and they aren't necessarily who you are thinking. 

President Carter, way back, tried to put through laws to penalize the employers of those here without work permits. It went nowhere. No surprise when you figure who is buying our Congress.

Culturally a people must decide who they are, how they handle those who would breach their borders or break their laws. We seem unable to do anything except react emotionally time and again and then go on to repeat more of the same. 

On immigration and how it impacts the working poor, read this:  

I am not about to offer a solution to this situation. Maybe there isn't one. Maybe we just have to make our own lives as good as we can-- make sure we act honorably, and then enjoy what we can of life.  We have a lot to be grateful for in our country, but we have major cultural issues that head in the sand won't fix!

In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from one of my passions (yes, there are others).

"Great passions, they say, are not always immediately recognized as such by their predestined victims." Joseph Wood Krutch from The Desert Year.

and our home here-- Casa Espiritu


Tabor said...

Beautiful place to spend winter. I am envious. The desert does call to me. You are correct in that this situation is not going to be easy to solve as we have let it get out of hand. Releasing immigrant criminals and dumping them back on Mexico without warning or plan has come back to bite us along with them.

Rain Trueax said...

Well, we don't get to spend winters here. It's too lucrative to rent it to vacation renters. It pays our taxes, insurance and basic upkeep. If we lived here more, we'd still take off for the best season to rent (January-April) maybe with the trailer. For quite a few years it was just our second home but then we couldn't get back enough and decided to do the rental thing which has worked out great. We rent to pet owners and so far they've been happy and I've liked knowing someone else is using it.

We were here last year in January but because a renter cancelled and we took advantage.

By Christmas we will be back in Oregon and first of February we will be lambing. Winter is a hard time to be gone from a ranch as it's when all the feeding happens. We are lucky to have a young, healthy neighbor who is doing it this year. That doesn't always work out as working around cattle scares some people-- with good reason.

I think about this being a year round home but with grandkids and kids in Oregon, probably won't happen as we like being part of their lives. When we sell the ranch, being too old to keep doing it (and that day will come), then we will reevaluate living here. Who knows where the kids will be by then and grandkids will likely be off to college and beyond

robin andrea said...

Sure is beautiful there in the desert. It looks like a fantastic second home and a wonderful place to have for long walks under blue skies.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

Head in the sand, indeed, Rain. We need a public, honest discussion about our borders. 43 was to meet with Vincente Fox on 9/12/01 to forge a coherent policy.... and then the towers fell. I fear our politicians respond more to $$ than to reason.

Keep the desert house; the grandkids can come and spend cold northern winters here with you. At least, that's what we're holding out for <3

Happy Thanksgiving End,

Tara Crowley said...

beautiful photos, and I love "kitty in the pot!"

I'll read the article...looks interesting, but for now it's too early in the morn for that.