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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Dividing can sometimes be positive. Once I divided my blogs into purposes, it made writing in this one a once a week thing. Yes, that cut the visitors as many want a more frequent entry, but I like how it's creatively been working for me.

One thing about blogging is I never wanted to live my life for a blog. It can almost become reality TV in how it feels in trying to do things that might be interesting to write about. I have, in the past, read a few blogs where they share all their life there. I never wanted to do that. Basically I have this blog for ideas that are of a general nature and to share photographs I especially like.

From this original blog, there have been offshoots. There is one blog for my writing, the philosophy behind what I write, and the creative life. For awhile it was three times a week but I took it down to twice a week to give myself a break.

Then there are three more blogs specifically about the books. Those blogs only change if I add a book. Because I find many creative processes interesting, I have three blogs that are just for book trailers, photo or discussion videos. They also don't change very often.

Finally, there is one blog that deals with politics. Because I had already taken the name Rainy Day Things for a blog that didn't end up being much of anything, it became Rainy Day Rant. I called it the rant to alert those who don't like rants-- and those who would like to rant a little themselves. It has no schedule but only gets an entry when the mood strikes. I could have written there a lot this week as I listened to mostly righties (but a few lefties) rant over the immigration order even before Obama issued it.

Last week I redid the banner for Rant, taking a current picture of me here in Tucson to make clear who is responsible for its content. I am thinking I may change that banner every now and again just because it's fun to do. Currently it has one of Tucson's more spectacular sunsets as a backdrop.

Does it help to rant? Maybe or maybe not. I find it helps me to voice my opinion most especially when I know that it's about all I can do. I read a lot of newspapers and pundits. Sometimes I comment on an article but when I do, I hold my breath (figuratively speaking) as I wait for the insults-- which sometimes but not always come. The world of social media isn't always friendly

There are times I am more involved with what is going on politically and culturally. There are times I tune it out when I just can't handle it. Rants naturally happen the most when I've been reading both sides of what I consider to be an important issue. 

I like a saying, roughly paraphrased-- are you part of the solution or the problem, if you aren't either, let it go. To write my thoughts on what should be done about something can be part of the solution-- a tiny part. Interestingly when something is bugging me and I write about it, I then tend to release it. I like to be informed but removed emotionally from being upset. When I can't do that, I pull back.

When I am writing and researching something new, I tend to pay less attention to what's going on around me. Writing a new book, where I am thinking of what happens next, what are the details along the way, can be so absorbing that the world disappears. 

When, as I decided November would be, I am reading other people's books, I am more open to thinking about the partisan mess that we have gotten ourselves into. I don't have responsibility for these books unless I opt to write a review. I write reviews only when I can give it four or five stars If it's something that really doesn't work for me, I  delete it when I am finished. I am not about to tell some other reader that what I didn't like, they won't.

Because we are a divided nation on almost every issue you can think of, some might think our time is the most divisive they have seen; but if you think back to when this nation was a colony of Great Britain, some wanted us to form our own nation and some wanted to stay part of Great Britain. That led to a hard fought war and not just with Great Britain but within Americans.

Then there was the Civil War, certainly a bitter time and of extreme violence. Not all wanted a war even then; and when it came, not all agreed, even today, as to why it was fought.

We've had times where Congress had legislators physically fighting or even having duels. So maybe our divide today is a consequence of how this country was created, through the crucible of violence, and from how many places we have come. 

Right now, it's not just us experiencing this violence and division. If you read foreign newspapers, you know that it's widespread. Perhaps it is the very nature of humans. I keep hoping it can change but maybe it won't. 

What I mostly would like is if people could discuss the issues that divide us with attention to what each believes should be done-- without insults. That rarely happens even in the media. The media, which is so widespread today, unfortunately, benefits from dissension. They encourage it as it makes for rating jumps. 

So if we are going to change things, it will have to be us doing it-- as individuals. Getting together and talking about what we think should be done and giving our reasons without assuming everyone else is an idiot when they disagree. Supposedly Town Halls were going to do that but they ended up more a place to rant without the logic. Insults and nastiness don't get us anywhere. It's possible that even talking without anger can't change anything because the division is just too deep. It's not as simple as just putting up a new blog.


Tabor said...

Diversity in resources owned or access to resources is the main cause of all the anger to my way of thinking. The poor will continue to fight for their place in line throughout the world until most of them have been killed or imprisoned or they win. (I did give romance novel an effort in my attention...but I just no longer can stay engaged...now love and sex on TV and movies is different for me.) ;-)

Rain Trueax said...

That's funny, Tabor as I don't particularly like romances in movies or TV. Although I've made an exception with the Hallmark Channel this year but they aren't all primarily about romance but also about problems the characters are facing. That's what I like about the romances I enjoy.

And this month I have read quite a few. I have learned again what I like or don't like in a romance. If the characters don't interest me and make me want to follow how they work out their problems, and there are always problems, I won't stay with them. If they don't use logic, I won't stay with them. What I can't read right now without becoming disengaged are straight literary works where I don't end up caring about any of the characters and find the situations so manipulated that it irritates me (I can get irritated by reading the newspaper). But this is my month to read romances, (which I hadn't done for a long time either), and I'm sticking with it. Some I have liked and some I won't review because I just don't care or the plot seemed ridiculous. I do like books about people who use logic.

After this month, if I continue reading other people's work, i may go back to non-fiction as I have read a lot of that in the past.

Rain Trueax said...

The other good thing about Hallmark for me is not only do I not go away from watching the little movie angry at something, I feel they are so short that they are more like a novella.

robin andrea said...

I tend to stay disengaged from politics, or at least from political discussion on the internet. The world is a mess, so I try to balance the craziness with a view of our beautiful planet. I think I have become resigned to thinking that nothing can be done, and the only things that will change will get worse. Pretty bleak, I know, but that's why I go out and look around for something beautiful.

Rain Trueax said...

I tend to think it can be changed. I don't consider myself an optimist but maybe I am. I just think it takes education. I agree though that some have their minds made up and won't look at what could be done.

My concern about only caring about the beauty of nature is how many people are determined to exploit and ruin it. You look at the history of our national parks and see if some hadn't fought for them, they'd all be privately owned today. That kind of fight is still out there. Speaking one's mind certainly doesn't make a person popular :)

But if following what is going on makes a person feel sick, I agree-- stay away from it. First priority has to be our own health.