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Thursday, October 23, 2014

is it in the planets?

This has been a weird week for me, well for the world in some ways given the random violence we keep hearing about-- some terrorist inspired, some humans who have no respect for any life but their own (if that). The soldiers killed in Ottawa are the latest as some reach out to attack any symbol of order.

Farm Boss and I keep asking if there is some invisible zeitgeist out there that is leading to all the brutality-- as it seems recently the news has been full of it. Is there some astrological cycle that means this kind of violent cycle won't last?

Well I am not a big believer that astrology can explain such times but just in case, I wanted to put this out where others could see it as it has something positive for us in it. It's from an email: 
 "The New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse is Thursday, October 23 at 3:56 PM MDT (mountain daylight time). This is the second eclipse of the month and serves as a bookend to the most highly eccentric aspect of the month. Take some time today to just breathe. It’s as if you have just witnessed the most radical circus act and your adrenalin is settling back to normal. 

"If there is any way to take a bit of a retreat here just to honor yourself and your authentic self with gratitude and awareness of your many talents, do it. It could just be that you give yourself an hour to be in contemplation or you leave work early to take a walk. This new moon is a reset point where you get to decide who you are and what you are up to, what you WANT to do and how you are going to express and support it. If you truly don't know, start with what you are not and do not want to do and work from there. The energy of the eclipse period as well as this new moon will feed these inner realizations with much power and help carry this new alignment forward."          Lena Stevens
 Now where I might not specifically believe in planets impacting us (don't disbelieve either), I do believe in cycles which might be what astrology records. If so, might things will get better in terms of man's inhumanity to man? It's hard to comprehend how some can decide another life has no value if it is of a different religion, educational/economic level, country, age, or political persuasion. Sometimes the horror of what I am reading, like the children in Mexico, just overwhelms me. I empathize so much. Yet, I have to go on and lead a good life, make my own reflect my own respect for others-- .


Linda Kay said...

Interesting thoughts. But I do think each generation laments the outcome of future generations. As the World Turns.

Tabor said...

I have been amazed at the popularity of violence on television. If we becomes used to it, then it flows over into our lives. I am not saying TV causes violence, but it does batten us.

Celia said...

I read somewhere humans were about the only species except for chimps, that murdered their own kind.

I remember when I was in college and many radical groups were getting started, it seemed to me that far right or left radicals were willing to sacrifice our lives right along with theirs, not that they asked us how we felt about it. I lived in Seattle then.

The violence isn't new. My granddad was a mill worker on the Everett docks when the hired Pinkertons tried to shoot the working stiffs down. I wish I were more optimistic than cynical but I'm not.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Mercury is Retrograde, as I am sure you know. I have no idea if that has any bearing but I know it sure is playing havoc with my communication.And all the Pre-Shadow time and Post Shadow time makes these periods so damn long!!!

I do wonder if the world is getting more violent---meaning people in the world, or if it has always been this way, but now we know about it all instantly!
It seems to me, there IS more Violence now with all the gun shootings, etc., then when I was growing up.
People can get guns too easily and people DO seem angrier than ever! I find it most depressing and trying to find things to watch on TV that are not violent is getting harder and harder.....
Where is this all going to end?
The world is going to Hell In A Hand Basket and it feels like we are all in the Basket now!

Rain Trueax said...

I agree with what you all said. i know some are eager to blame it on Obama but there are so many possible reasons. My father said before he died in 1980 that he felt there would be a time of war between the have and have nots where people would randomly kill strangers just because they could and because they felt it hadn't been a fair system to them. I don't know if that's what we are seeing. Certainly the ISIS and its ilk are encouraging terrorism as they know they cannot directly hit us but they can get our neighbors do to it if they accept the religious tenets. I certainly avoid violence on TV but that's to avoid nightmares :)

I didn't know about Mercury retrograde but it does play havoc with communication for whatever reason.