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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hunter's and blood moon

Yes, I am fascinated by the sky and especially of full moons. I cannot explain the why of my interest-- or really that of much of mankind. This one though, the Hunter's Moon, is always one I especially like to have in my photo gallery. 

It so happened that the 1867 manuscript I am writing came at the same time of the year. Using Google I did a search as to when the full moon fell that October. It was perfect to give my couple a Hunter's Moon-- which suited the challenges in their story. 

There is some mythology involved with the Hunter's Moon. I am not sure I take that kind of thing much to heart. Sometimes with any full moon I sleep less well but this one hasn't impacted me that way.

What I am thinking of doing is (assuming the sky is clear and I have time) taking photos of the moon through its stages. A crescent moon is pretty cool looking also.

Because we had an eclipse with this full moon, we took more than the usual number of photos but had less turn out thanks to the mistiness in our Oregon air.

Despite that challenge , Farm Boss got a good photo of Orion (above). One thing that he learned is that a time release in the early morning doesn't work as moon and stars are moving too much.  


Linda Kay said...

The blood moon pic is really good, and I love the light of a full moon!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I think these are just wonderful!!!I have never been able to get a really good Moon picture......Farm Boss did Great!

robin andrea said...

We had fog here, so didn't even catch a glimpse of this beautiful moon. These are wonderful photos.