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Saturday, April 26, 2014

spring fever

i think i have a classic case of spring fever. mentally, i am in a strange place-- especially for me. nothing is on my mind when I am not actually editing the novella due out May 1st. 

it has been a mild spring-- so lots of afternoons where i can sit outside and just watch what is happening around me which amounts mostly to insects and birds, hearing the sounds of nature-- which include the sound of sheep eating the rose leaves they can reach outside the fence. hummingbirds are very noisy, lots of squabbles over territory, but you probably know that. 

other than that, i am thinking of nothing, nada, nil. my mind is a blank slate or an empty cup ready to be filled-- putting a positive spin on my current state of mind. i admit, that for someone who always thinks, this feels very strange.  

i shall blame it on April-- Pieces of April. (i had to dig deep to even remember it was Three Dog Night. i guess my memory isn't as shot as i might've thought.)

so here i am, enjoying the beauty of this April and just being. i always say i want to do that, but it's rare when i actually do. there has been virtually no wrestling with world problems... or when something comes up, I write about it into 'my political rant' and release it. No wrestling with my own problems-- currently I can't think of any as life is flowing along as smoothly as the creek below our house. 

all my creative activity at the moment is editing. being in edit mode is probably the reason for the non-thinking brain when away from the computer. in edit mode, you aren't trying to come up with something new. it is about what you already created. did you get it down logically? can it be said better? is it consistent? very anal work and word for word reading.

i don't take it away with me when i leave the computer as I do when writing something original where i wrestle with what comes next every minute i am not doing an activity that i actually need to think about. so lots of photos and because i have so many with the bumblebee in the apple blossoms as well as the blueberries, one photo a day for awhile with no words. words aren't needed.

you know, to post this looking like my brain is right now, i left out all caps except for titles. do you know how hard that is to do...


Celia said...

Sounds lovely to me, I think our imaginations recharge by the change of venue, and the sights and smells of a coming spring.

Rain Trueax said...

It has been a delightful spring in my neck of the woods. I am though having to stay out of one of my favorite yards because the columbine are now blooming and they are in a fantastic array of colors which draw the hummingbirds to lower ground and the cats try to kill them; so the cats are only in the other yard where no columbine until they finish blooming. Last year our black cat killed four hummers throughout this season before I cut off all the blossoms to end access. I have a sugar waterer up high but the hummers will go low for the right colored flowers. It limits what I can plant in that yard for the summer too.

Rubye Jack said...

My standing joke to myself lately has been that the lobotomy certainly did work well because my mind is also into just being.
Well, this week it is supposed to get up to 80 so we shall see where that leads the mind, but for now I enjoy watching the sporadic rain.
You sound good Rain.

robin andrea said...

So glad to see such a beautiful spring happening there. We're having some rain these past few days, which will be good for all the coming flowers.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Sublime, my dear---one is prettier than the other....ALL, take my breath away.