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Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's not a human right to live?

Once in awhile I just gotta go political. I try to avoid it because life is about so much more than being angry all the time but sometimes the attitude of some in the world just so amazes me that I can't hold back. What the hell are some people thinking! was what I'd have named this post except I don't swear in titles.

Basically what he's saying is nothing is sacred about life except the dollar. And don't bother telling me he's a Christian. He probably does attend a church or mosque or temple but somehow his religion hasn't carried over to the human part of his life-- assuming he has one that isn't connected to his bank statement.

Normally I don't urge boycotts but it's time we boycotted the big corporate food manufacturers and we can do it. Nestles puts together many products for people to buy. What if people say as long as you have a yahoo like this running your company, we're through purchasing your products. 

What if those who own stocks looked harder at what their stocks are doing and not just how well they were impacting their bottom-line. It isn't all about the Dow Jones. Oh I know it is to those who need to live on their investments but what are those investments doing to others around the world. Genocide is okay when it is done through starvation and not guns?
If all some people care about is how 'well' their stocks are doing-- others of us need to care about 'what' our stocks are doing!


Ingineer66 said...

What a douche bag. Even the oil companies are promoting women's health programs and environmental protection in the countries that they operate. Something tells me this guy would have fit right in in 16th century England.

When you said you were going political, I was thinking maybe you were going to address one of those phony scandals that is dogging the President.

Rain Trueax said...

lol ingineer, no I am more into environment these days although there is sure plenty to be disillusioned with Obama about. When he said they would do more overseeing NSA (I won't hold my breath on that) but it wasn't because of what Snowden did, I wondered if his nose grew...

On Nestles products, Farm Boss sent me this link-- ack! They are into everything. Not easy boycotting them-- Nestles Brands

Hattie said...

One overlooked aspect of this is that there is so much money to be made off the poor and underserved, since there are so many of them. In Peru and Mexico and yes, in parts of the U.S., there is no cheap or free potable water.

robin andrea said...

One would think that water is the absolute basic of human rights. The selfish venality of corporate interest is outrageous. Is he just begging for a revolution?