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Monday, August 26, 2013

a guest author

For anyone interested in historical romances, Yellowstone National Park, or just more about the process authors go through in putting together their books, author, Peggy Henderson is guesting on my Rain Trueax blog this week; so check it out:

One of the neat things about the romance authors, that I have met so far, is how supportive they are of each other. While Peggy guests on my blog, I guest on hers. If you want to get the URL for that interview, you have to go to the above link where you can find the questions I had for Peggy. ;) Wednesday will be a snippet from one of her books.

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Rain Trueax said...

I should add that an additional element to these Yellowstone books, besides the place, the romance, is time travel bringing together past and present. Interestingly when you travel in a place like Yellowstone, where I have been quite a few times, there is that element of the past and today where the energy is so high.