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Saturday, June 15, 2013


The beauty of nature is a healing balm to our souls. Looking for reflections in water is a good time to think about both the light that brings them and the stillness of the water that reveals them. You don't get much reflecting in fast moving water. And similarly, we don't find it that easy to concentrate or have our own reflection lead somewhere when we are constantly on the move and our minds distracted by too many things.

With that thought in mind, I made a video of a few of my favorite reflections from the last year or so. Sometime I'll  delve into the backwaters of my photos and find the best of the best (the one above is not in the slide show but should have been).

Right now fast moving water is about to catch up with me and reflecting time will be sparse.


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Love this video. and the photo of the reflections and geese. Keep the good work up.

Tabor said...

My laptop is having hiccups on downloads, but the first part of it was so lovely. Maybe I will come back later!

Hattie said...

You can see it better if you watch it on You Tube. Are the pictures from your property? Very pretty.
Yes, I'm backing off some and reflecting, too. Nice metaphor of still vs. running waters.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful Reflections, dear Rain....Seeing this slide show put together by you reminds one that this is such a very beautiful country we line in....!

Celia said...

Gorgeous, is that Mount Hood or one of the more southern peaks? Breathtaking view over the water. Fills my heart with joy to see it.

Rain Trueax said...

The first snow ones are the Deschutes River which is Central Oregon in January. The reflection in a pool with snow is our place one winter. All the green reflections are this creek on the farm. Sunrise and the reflection of Mt. McLoughlin (sp?) with the geese were over Klamath Lake and the one of the moon was Yellowstone in Slough Creek. The desert ones are near our place in Tucson from Romero to Sabino and one at Old Tucson which is a movie lot/amusement park.