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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aging and 70s

Because I am going to be very busy the next month, I decided to try out the video discussion format for Wednesdays with maybe photos and something written for Saturdays.

So far learning to use videos to discuss a topic in a few minutes (four or under) is an up and down experience. I ordered a sharper webcam and am hoping it also gets better color without so much tweaking. I like the wider format where it sets the talker into an environment. I've noticed sometimes YouTube is not as sharp as my copy where I have it set to maximum sharpness and am guessing that is based on whether it is fully buffered and maybe time of day and their traffic level.

If anyone else is into creating videos-- has been brave enough to dare the new frontier-- I'd be happy to show theirs here also. Wednesday is aimed at being a discussion on any topic where it feels like friends sitting down with coffee or tea. This isn't the TED talk for experts but for friends sharing something they're thinking about. It doesn't have to be 'important'. I will be posting these also into Videos and Discussions. Maybe you have yet to do a blog but might find this is your medium-- give it a try.

Someone, who has a nice garden, could do a four minute survey of it with some explanation (send it to my email which is under my profile).  This is not a place where everything has to be weighty and deep. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from pathos and paranoia and just have some fun or enjoy someone else's piece of life. But if paranoia is on your mind, I'm open to considering a video where you explain the why of that.

For my other blog, Videos and Discussion, if you are into this and we have a similar view of life (not necessarily same or agreeing but not virulently opposed-- for instance if you think gay marriage is evil, we aren't a good match or if you want to justify bigotry, you need to find another forum), otherwise though I'd be delighted to make you a co-author there which means you could directly post to Videos and Discussions. It would be one way to keep it booming.

Farm Boss took a few videos at the beach last time there; and if he gets time to put them together, they might make it here, there or somewhere. He said he might do one of the discussion videos, as he thinks I'm not making mine long enough. That's be fun, as once you start doing this, it's not as easy as some might think-- as in him :).

The discussion below is on the topic of aging and physical beauty-- or not. Oh I know, it's soooooooo lightweight, but it also is something men and women face as they age and feel their looks deteriorate. Can we admit that or must we pretend? The video isn't a solution to it, just an acknowledgement (if I come up with a solution, I'll be sure and post that too someday).

I have to say doing a video discussion goes a lot faster than trying to write something-- after the explanation this time anyway. It also has the advantage of illustrating the words with the visual aspect. I could see someone doing it for a book review, a hobby or pretty much anything that can make a short discussion as I am not sure how willing people are to listen to long speeches. I don't know how it'd go with politics. A grimace, growl, whine? How would that work? Might let off steam that way. I'll definitely be giving that a try next Wednesday!

Not everyone has the speed for watching videos; but sometimes if you let it totally load, then replay it, it will play smoother the second try. I gave Vimeo a try to see how it works but it has a limited usage of 500 mb before it's $10 a month. That doesn't sound good although YouTube may not remain free either. That's why we need to jump on things when they are possible. They might not be around later-- kind of like us.


OldLady Of The Hills said...

LOL! Love that last line....!
I can so relate to what you are saying....And, I am almost 82, in a few days, and I mostly don't care because I don't see that many people. But, if I know I am going to have visitors, being confined as I am, I might try to get a tiny bit of make-up on....But, I'm not going to wear myself out doing that...!
I see that I don't care as much as I did even 4 years ago. Too many other things to truly be concerned about. When just moving about becomes a BIG Problem, how I look takes a back seat. And, even if I care....I just cannot waste all that energy on it. Maybe if I had a "Make-up" person.....lol....
Well, I don't and I'm not about to get one. Take me as I am, PLEASE!

Celia said...

Brava! I love your earrings by the way. I love your video, the content is good, your willingness to be open and personal. I thought it looked great. And, good for you, it made me think. I'm 71 now and have never been a big customer for the salons or a heavy user of makeup and don't spend a lot of time thinking about how I look but...I find myself looking at the skin on my arms, dry, crinkly, and my neck, then I noticed my smile isn't a wide as it used to be, how did my mouth get smaller and my eyes too, eek! I think I will read Norah Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman." Anyway, I didn't know about your "Video and Discussions" site, I expect to enjoy it.

Celia said...

PS - I forgot to add that except for moments of wishful thinking I am pretty content with myself, wrinkles, crinkles, flab and all.

Hattie said...

Rain. You really are great! How about those earrings?
This is so amusing. Your objective take on your own appearance is a clever use of the video medium.
I loved this!!!!!
Make more videos, please.

Taradharma said...

I love watching you and listening to you! You have such verve and energy. This is a very interesting discussion, and at 56 I'm noticing big changes and only console myself by knowing that currently I look entirely YOUTHFUL compared to what I'm going to look like 20 years from now!

Oh, my url has changed, hope you follow me there.

Rain Trueax said...

Tara, I tried to change it but it didn't work. Keep posting here off and on and I should get the new one eventually right as I do want to keep you on the blog roll and active

sonia a. mascaro said...

I born 70 years ago too and I LOVE reading your posts about aging.
Unfortunately my English is "weak" and I got some time to read your text... But they are very wise and inspire me very much.
Another day I began to hear the video, but I must to hear it again to understand well. Btw, I activated the subtitle, but it don't works well too...