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Saturday, April 13, 2013

One of those days-- or make that weeks

  The rosemary which survived when the sheep got through a gate I had not closed well and ate down a lot of the early flower garden when I wasn't there. Fortunately, they don't like rosemary.

Friday and it's one of those days already. I had an idea for the blog on Saturday, and it fell through. This is not how I like to write. I most enjoy it when I do things ahead of time and then have time to look them over at the last minute but not have to do a total new topic and writing. On the other hand, writing something loose is probably good once in awhile...

 no, i don't really use a crystal ball to prognosticate but wish I could

The week had a lot of news that would be worthy of writing about-- if I was in the mood to write about politics or world events. I've tried several times with Chris Hayes's new program (replacing Ed Schultz) but frankly MSNBC has been losing me anyway because it is so much about politics with round table discussions. 

I get real tired of listening to 'experts' discuss some topic even when it's something as big as North Korea threatening nuclear attack. Some say it's nothing to worry about but what do we know about the young man who took over that country? How much power does he have? Does he value the life of his people? Is he educated about real world consequences? I have no idea. Depressing to say the least to think someone would play so fast and loose with nuclear destruction-- and yes, I know, I've heard it from some of our leaders also. That does NOT make me feel better.

At first light one morning, we had two little foxes show up in what will be our vegetable garden when enough comes up to prove it. They were so cute but they also were barely visible and no way I could get a photo of them. I was fortunate to get some great photos of one last year at this time much closer and standing still for the many photos.

Farm Boss did some research on foxes. Last year, this is the time we saw the one above. We think they probably have a den up on the hill above us. This would be their breeding season which might explain the twosome. We also learned they will eat vegetables which might explain holes in our tomatoes in the past that I assumed came from slugs. The fence will soon be up, but I would not mind planting some just for them-- except the sheep would get those first. 

The hummingbirds are here and have been for two weeks or so. That's good. Bad is that we have one cat, Blackie, who is addicted to going after them. He ignores every other bird but something about their sound or speed and he wants to catch them.Our theory is that he knocks them down with his paws (which have well trimmed claws).

hummer photo  in Tucson as getting a photo here hasn't happened yet this spring

The good news is that so far this year he has delivered them without wounds or broken wings which means we can take them from his mouth, put them somewhere to get over the shock of the experience, and they eventually fly off-- hopefully a little wiser although who knows. 

I have a feeder up but hummers need insects, and he's getting them low down and the two this spring with a mouthful of grass in one case and moss in the other. At least it cushions the teeth. Still it irks me as of all the birds I love, it's hummingbirds that top the list. One thing about cats is-- they don't give a damn what we think and this photo says it all about him.

There has been a debate going on in the MOA forums at Amazon where a reader expressed her desire that there be no sex in the books she reads and her frustration that romances seem to either have sex or Christianity. She doesn't want either. I added a few comments on the topic since I do write sex scenes, and although I don't consider it critical to the plots, I don't intend to stop as part of a whole relationship between lovers.

When I gave her the name of a few writers I knew who don't write sex, she changed her requirements to each book has to be over 288 pages. The problem is page number doesn't really indicate length of book, eBooks aren't page numbered but even if they were, print size, font, photos, extra chapters, table of contents, etc., all play a role in even kb size. I suggested word count is a better indicator of the actual length of the book-- too much work, she said. About that time, I realized the topic was going in circles which is about the way I have felt everything has done for me this week.

So a few photos and a lot of frustration with the hope that my blog for next week goes better ;) It did give me a new label-- blah! My title for the week-- no, that doesn't include nature which as always gave me a lift when my own work wasn't.



OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well,there is certainly a lot going on in nature, around your neck of the woods---Great pictures, my dear.
My favorite Bird is The Hummingbird,too....I would find it very very upsetting to have a cat of mine going after them...At least you are able to rescue them from the jaws of your lovely cat...!
Hope the Creative Spirit returns with a bang...!!!

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

Delightful nature photos. Guess the creative mind just doesn't flow to designated time restraints. Take care.

Taradharma said...

I, too, get weary watching the talking heads go on and on about (this time) Korea. Makes me want to scream. So, I've been taking a vacation from t.v. news and read the papers instead.

Celia said...

We've rescued a lot of critters including a baby squirrel and a baby dove from the kitties. What a beautiful fox pup. You just can't help some people, I think they might just like to complain.

robin andrea said...

We never watch news on TV. Not sure why we gave it up, but we did a few years ago. It's amazing how weirdly jarring it is to see see and hear it now; it always sounds strange like a script from a bad dystopic science fiction movie.

Hattie said...

I am off the national political stuff for the time being, until I can sort out what's going on locally. Which is a lot!
Hummingbirds are not permitted in Hawaii, because they fertilize the pineapples, which then develop seeds, making them commercially unusable. I always enjoy seeing hummingbirds at my sister's place in California.
I love that pic of you. You have a good face. Unique. I would recognize you anywhere.
I feel kind of sorted out mentally now, and I suspect you will get everything straightened out, too.