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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

For wildflowers,
earth day is every day.
It should be the same for us 


OldLady Of The Hills said...

ALL Beautiful...! And you are right.

Hattie said...

Rain: Are those wild orchids? And where do they grow?

Rain Trueax said...

They are called Calypso orchids and I didn't know their name until a friend brought some to me in their mossy ground. They were in a private piece of forest being logged where they would be destroyed, and he was bringing them out for some friends in the area. They are also know as Fairy Slippers and Venus' Slippers. I think the mouth looks like a dragon; so not sure why it didn't get that name. I will try to form a place here that they will like by bringing in some fir boughs as they only grow in fir forests according to him and he, being a faller, knows more than I do about them.

The other one that looks like a shooting star is called that or possibly cowslip. they all live in old forests. This forest is owned by the family and they have to log it to cover estate taxes and divide up the value for the kids after their matriarch died this year.

Tabor said...

We get the large species of the ladyslipper and they are so exotic growing deep in the woods. People still them and they are somewhat rare. Idiots thinks they can grow anywhere.

Hattie said...

If they are like my orchids they like humidity but don't like "wet feet" or direct sunlight. I'd grow them in pots with moss and fir bark and use orchid fertilizer. Not soil. Don't overwater.

jo(e) said...

Beautiful. And I agree.