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Fantasy, the painting by Diane Widler Wenzel, cropped a little to fit the needs of a banner.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Country Roads Take Me Home

After the events of the week-end, and the ongoing aftermath, I am really not in a mood to write something unrelated here. Yet, I like to have a drama free zone where what I write won't be upsetting folks who might visit. (I save that for Rainy Day Things.)

So what I want to do for a few days is just have some photos of my home turf. Most will come from this week-end when Farm Boss and I started out on a little drive following backroads near where we live.
The lighting was fantastic. You know, winter sunlight, when it shows up, it's really the best light for photos that there is. It's intense and low on the horizon leading to great shadows and intense colors. Snow on the hills didn't hurt. Mist in the valleys added to the interesting lines and shapes.

So this first series is from our country roads. They are all within 20 miles of where I live.

Gotta have some music, don't we? And what is better than John Denver's Take me Home Country Roads. It's a YouTube and not in my state but what he is singing about, well that's the same!

I grew up on country roads. I hope someday when I die, I am still living on them and that they aren't all paved.
Our country roads took us into a nearby town, and the decision that we weren't going to head directly home. We were heading for the Oregon Coast. The drive over comes next and after that, well you know what comes after that (if you don't, stick around and you shall see).


Annie said...

Beautiful part of the world you live in! Country roads, yes. Big Yes.

Paul said...

Nice country and pics Rain ... :-)

20th Century Woman said...

Lovely landscaped and a welcome relief after all the terrible news.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Ah, I grew up driving on country roads (although in L.A. County back then) and that John Denver song brought back a lot of memories. Nice way to spend a day and let us go along with you.

Anonymous said...

be happy and love. kiss