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Thursday, October 07, 2010

that political blog

This is just a reminder that I am writing a political blog and will be writing more than usual this month due to the seriousness of the coming election. We liberals or progressives won't lose this based on the right wing voting in their 'I'm just like you' candidates, but by the left staying home in November after not being motivated to donate time and money in October. Be informed, help candidates you believe in and don't let anybody tell you there is no difference. There has been through history and the 'other' side hasn't changed what it values and where it would take any government that it controls.

So check out my other blog if you have not.  There is a lot to discuss between now and November 2, 2010. Time is running out. I am glad I am keeping politics separate but it's not because that isn't important. It matters to our environment, schools, economy, personal rights, even ability to use common sense, and the list goes on.

Some think these interim elections don't matter. They do. Just kicking out people who were in there is not a responsible way to vote. We need to know what they stood for and what will the new person do if they gain power? More on that in

Rainy Day Things which is updated regularly in my blog list. Often the comments have been as valuable for information as my original blog; so read those too if you get there.


mandt said...

It's extremely important to support and vote for all local and state progressive candidates. As much as I loath the Obama administration, it is still nominally democratic. The alternative in the Tea Party or Republican right wing is fascism. What a dark age we live in these days: eliminating minimum wage, social security and medicare----those are the promises of the right. Time to hold our noses, if only for the next generation---to stave off the final collapse. Meanwhile, it's time to form underground resistance and community solidarity.

TaraDharma said...

what really got me was, she didn't even say "I'm just like you," she said, "I'm you." Fuck You Missy.