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Monday, October 04, 2010

Bitterroot Rainbows

Driving south from Missoula, Montana through the Bitterroot Valley, we saw the following rainbow or rainbows. When we would see one, Farm Boss would turn off the main road and try to find places that would show the rainbows up best.

There is supposed to be a pot of gold if you can get to the end of one. I would guess the people living on these small acreages, with so much wilderness beyond their doors, places to hike, fish and just savor the beauty, feel they have found it already.


joared said...

Great photos, Rain! Rainbows against that horizon, really impressive.

robin andrea said...

Wow, rain, these are really great rainbow photos!

TaraDharma said...

beautiful photos, Rain! I can imagine myself there in an instant.

thank you for your very thoughtful comments on my post....much to ponder there.

Ingineer66 said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.

Paul said...

Ah yes, the Bitterroots-great rainbow !