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Monday, April 19, 2010

Creative Juices

On the subject of creativity, which we might or might not have been on, I really liked something I read from Daily Om April 1, 2010, about embracing our inner muse. It fit with a conversation I had with a friend about how such ideas come into being for me.

For me, to connect with creativity, the first tip is simple-- start. Even without an idea in mind, just start. Daily Om said basically that part of that start is embracing our inner muse which is with us all the time and it's when we embrace what it is giving that we will create. The results will flow.

The ancient Greeks believed creativity came from the goddesses, and some still think they need to connect with a particular goddess to get that creative spark. I tried that, but the only goddess that ever comes to mind for me is Isis. If you know the stories of Isis, it's not hard to see why that one might not appeal to me to claim... Although maybe I have done it without thinking of it. The thing is if the goddesses are our muses, they connect with us, not us with them. We simply recognize what is happening and let ourselves work with it.

Daily Om
on April 1 suggested that instead of thinking of muses as necessarily supernatural, we instead consider them as all the things that come into our lives which could be people, photographs, movies, books, nature. For me, movies are excellent inspirations not only for their imagery but the stories. They open me up with different kinds of possibilities depending on what I chose.Some people claim they just are not creative. But maybe it's more they have feared opening up their creative valves. I don't believe creativity is a gift given to only a few. I think it is part of humankind. Some might be more 'gifted' in their expression but often that is based on how often they open themselves to it. Respecting and encouraging our unique expression is part of the creative life.

If it seems difficult to find your muse, recognize that it might be it is more than one thing. Some might be with us forever but others come and go. Inspiration comes for a certain thing and time but then a different inspiration waits in the wings. What if we try to cling to the first and ignore the second? I think that is a problem many artists face.

Following a muse to wherever it goes, being open to the next one, that is also part of a vital life. When the right stream is coming through, we will find our courage growing and our willingness to stretch ourselves. Try something. So what if it fails!

There are, of course dry times in any artist's life. But maybe those are the times to experiment with a new medium. It is suggested during such times we surround ourselves with people who support our creativity, keep the tools for creativity handy, dive into ideas and inspirational materials, find frequent times in nature, and take time to let all experiences soak in. Let it go where it will, and don't let the inner critic stop that flow.
It is possible that what we create will not be appreciated or embraced by the rest of the world. Is that a reason to stop doing it or to step back into something easier? I don't think so. I think creativity is the juice of life and whether the world rewards or even punishes it, it should not be stifled.

The photos are from Sunday at Beazell and Finley when the Pacific Northwest finally hit 70 something and spring was totally in the air. YES!!!!! I would be willing to claim either of these gorgeous birds as my muse!


Kay Dennison said...

Good words!

'Start' is often the hardest part for me. Making time is also difficult -- I really need better time management skills.

I also need to remember to write down ideas whem they strike.

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous -- as always!!!!

Thank you!!!

robin andrea said...

Creativity seems to come and go for me. Coming off a long winter and some stressful times made the beauty of the moment elusive. We had our first very spring-like weekend here as well, and that did stir the creative juices a bit.

Your hawk and heron photos are lovely.

Annotated Margins said...

I think creativity stops when we start the inner critique.

Darlene said...

You are very creative; as an artist, photographer, and writer. You must have a muse on your shoulder.

Is that a Blue Heron? Beautiful bird and a beautiful profile shot.

mandt said...

Over the past few years the muse has often come through the art work and eye of your beautiful images.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

What a wonderful, wonderful post, Rain. And I couldn't agree more. And, as usual, all the photos are good, but the one of you is so lovely. I can't believe how photogenic you are.