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Thursday, April 29, 2010

and what about Facebook?

And what about Facebook? I wish I knew. For a long time, I had put off joining it because at one time I had gone into MySpace. After getting requests from strangers to add me, I thought what the heck am I doing here, and deleted my profile. It kept me from joining Facebook also until--

My daughter-in-law talked about being in there and how it's cool. It seemed it had more purpose; so I joined, dragging Farm Boss along with me. Where I have experimented with chat rooms in the past and assorted other communication oriented groups, he hasn't had interest in any of it. Not to say he is that active on Facebook but he has reconnected with some high school friends. Maybe he'll do more with his account when he has more time.

For me it's mostly about posting photos of the family and occasionally, very occasionally writing something on my wall or commenting on what someone else has posted.

What I worry about with Facebook is their desire to connect the whole Internet, to be a big player on many levels. As a member there, someone who doesn't want everything personal being broadcast, I regularly check privacy settings, as well as read any warnings about it, to be sure permissions haven't been changed.

One idea was they'd link us there to other sites we visit online. We could opt out but we would have to opt out. I didn't like that even though I don't visit anywhere I'd be embarrassed to have others know. I don't like thinking they can track me and likely do even without the permission to post. Frankly, I wouldn't even want to read where my friends and family visit.

I also am not crazy about the groups they can form which can end up being hate groups like that one-- . [Facebook group praying for Obama's death]. I can see where it has value as a way for politicians to grow their base, put out their ideas, but are groups like that one accomplishing anything for anybody? Of course, I don't have to participate in them either but still... I guess there is still one praising the guy who flew his plane into the IRS building as a tax protest which killed innocent people. Can Facebook be a place to promote terrorism?

Other than read things that turn up on my Wall and sometimes click 'hide' to prevent seeing them again when they are game related, I have liked Facebook for connecting me to others in a different way. Because I limited my list to people I trust, I feel it's a safe place to share photos of my grandchildren of whom I am naturally very proud. Because I have my settings to only showing my photos to 'friends'-- not 'friends of friends', I feel I can do that without worrying about a pervert pulling them offline for nefarious purposes and that's only paranoia if it couldn't and doesn't happen. If Facebook ever stops protecting privacy there, I'll stop posting that kind of picture.

Facebook is fun for me to see what friends and family are doing, the latest book they read, something funny that happened, and any other tidbit they might want to share. I have seen it as a more intimate adjunct to the blog, like the next level because there I use my real name and anyone I have added does likewise.

Anyway if you are on Facebook, using your real name there, are a regular here, I would be happy to have you add me to your list (I use the email that is here at the blog). Please identify yourself, as to who you are either in your own blog or here, because I turn down people I don't know. Warning though, I won't be helpful on any game playing as I am working on a farm here, not there.


Parapluie said...

Yes, I have enjoyed some connection with friends on Facebook. Only I may have lost a couple because I am not keeping up my farmville game. I started the game because I thought it would be a good way to connect with family. It might be good that way for some but didn't work for me because I get creative satisfaction from painting and writing.
I am not sure if Farmville is good. Maybe it is just like any entertainment escape.

donna said...

I'm "Darwin Woodka" on FB. And .

robin andrea said...

I've been enjoying the little time I get to spend on Facebook. It's an easy way to stay in touch, a kind of short-hand blogging. I tend to shy away from all the public aspects of it, turn off everything, keep it all "friends only." It seems safe, but if it gets weird... I'm out of there.

Ingineer66 said...

I resisted Facebook for a long time because I thought it was just a fad. But last summer I joined and found out it was not just a bunch of high school and college kids. I have reconnected with many old friends and family members. And it makes it so easy to stay updated on what is going on in people's lives.

I have not seen any of the wacko political stuff and do not look for it. It is purely for entertainment purposes only.

Mary Lou said...

LOLOL Yeah, I dont Farm either, or Cook, Or play with jewels. But I do write on walls...

Margaret said...

I enjoy FB for different reasons than blogging. It's quick and good for connecting with many people. (as ingineer said) I've also found family/former students/college friends etc... on it; it's fun to find out what they're doing. I don't do any apps; they are a time suck and full of computer bugs. Hope you enjoy it!