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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


What does a rainbow mean to you?
A promise?A colored bow in the sky?

Oh, there's a scientific reason why,

but rainbows are like magic to me.

A myriad of colors. A half circle of light.
Rain and sunshine.
A change that can't make
up its mind.

Watch for the rainbows.
Partial ones, whole ones, doubles,
only rarely a triple.
Collect them in memory
if really lucky in a photograph.

Once I drove through one
with colored light on all sides.

Did I imagine it?

I don't think so,
but I have tried ever since to do it again.
Who wants a pot of gold
when you can bathe in light?

Rainbows teach us about life.
They are not about forever.
We cannot call them on demand
They remind us always-- be alert.

A rainbow is about
being in the moment.
They are about beauty
and like so many things of beauty
we cannot hold onto them
except in our memory.

As with sunshine and rain,
there are just so many rainbows
in each of our lives.
Collecting them is up to us.

(photos are special moments in Oregon, Montana and New Mexico)


Dick said...

Nice photos! Good ones of rainbows are hard to get & here you have three of them. Good job.

Sandy said...

Beautiful shots of rainbows! I, like you, try to get that perfect shot and have had success on rare occasions. Great words to live by as well, thanks for sharing them with us!

Parapluie said...

The poem is fitting for the day. I expect rainbows before sunset. Rainbows are challenging to paint. Even with airbrush the blending is difficult to make even. I know you love rainbows but I don't believe you display any in paintings or photos in your home. No, but more magic still, do I remember correctly some crystals, maybe the chandelier, cast rainbows in your living area?

Rain said...

Interesting thought, Parapluie, on having them in a painting. I haven't seen a lot of paintings with rainbows except more primitive styles. Do artists not paint them often? I can see the challenge as they are glowing light, ethereal, not solid. There are a lot of things though that I love, like birds, butterflies, dragonflies and they are not on my walls either. I do use these rainbow photos off and on as screensavers.

and thanks Sandy and Dick :)

robin andrea said...

Those are really lovely photographs, Rain. There is no way not to be moved by the sight of that colorful arc. It's the kind of thing that pulls at us on some primal level.

Sonia said...

Beautiful photos, Rain. I think that rainbows are a gorgeous mystery.

Mary Lou said...

I always stop and gaze at a rainbow and you are right they are very hard to capture. I went so far as to set up my tripod and tried to get the rainbow in the mist of Nooksack Falls, unfortunately, I forgot to take the polarizer filter off the lens!!! DUH!!

When I was stationed in ALaska I was surprised to see the rainbows so low on the horizon, and then it dawned on my, I had never been that far up before. I would love to have prisms danging on my widow shade. Like Pollyanna did to Agnes Moorehead! Cool!

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Spectacular photographs, Rain--I especially like the last one. The accompanying poem also gives lots of food for thought. I just remember hunting for the end of the rainbow as a kid, where the pot of gold is. And I remember the Noah's Ark story and how God said he would never send a flood again. Hmmm.

Paul said...

Rainbows make me feel good. Plus I want to find that pot of gold at the end of one !!

Anonymous said...

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