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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Farm Opinions

When something happens on the farm, such as death of an animal, attack by predators or yes, the barn going down, the animals who live here have an opinion about it. Since I gave the human view in the last blog, I thought it only fair to illustrate the animals' opinions. Since they don't speak to me verbally, pictures will have to do it.

The cows avoided even coming near the barn until later. I think there might've been a little sense of-- we didn't do it. Since every time a fence goes down, they did do it-- or at the least took advantage of it. There's not a lot of advantage to a barn on the ground-- no food to be had there, nothing really that interesting but they definitely had to inspect the damage and decide how the change might impact them. I am sure the fact that a new barn was constructed last fall would reassure them if they could put 2 and 2 together but that only usually happens when the tractor is heading out of the barn with a hay bale on the back.

The lambs came back as they were quite close when it happened, but they appeared to mostly wish they had gotten to be inside when it went down like last year's lamb. Perhaps trying to decide if there still was a way in... Makes humans think fencing might be good for awhile.

The wild geese felt it was much to-do about nothing.


Rexroth's Daughter said...

Very funny about the cows avoiding the scene, making sure you knew they had nothing to do with it!

Your land looks beautiful, Rain.

goldenlucyd said...

Beautiful Rain,
I see unity between you and the land. It's a rare thing---and to be treasured. I feel and understand it in everything you write. It feels very strengthening to me!

Rain said...

thank you both for your comments. I do feel there is a strong unity with me to the land. It really owns us far more than we ever own it.