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Friday, February 16, 2024



Debating how to start this topic, I came up with-- begin with a question and take it from there.

With political life so controversial today, do you think ending a friendship or family relationship over major differences is a good idea?

Some might wonder why I rarely discuss difficult political issues in this blog, though I once upon a time did more of that. Some of that is because i look back on what i once thought and wonder what was I thinking! I believe my values have stayed the same for many many years, but how I think we can get there is what has changed. I don't delete those prior posts, but sometimes I am tempted. I stop because back then I often got good comments and wouldn't want to lose them. They were particularly valued today when I see how few comment, I didn't care if people agreed or not. It was the conversation I valued.

I have had 'friends' delete or unfriend me over what they perceived as my opinions. I don't myself do that unless someone is threatening with what they say. Otherwise, being I am a Libra, I tend to think maybe they have a point even if I disagree. That might be the wisdom of ages... maybe...

Skies such as you see in these photos, reflect how stormy times can lead to benefits with these beautiful clouds. I think knowing we don't all see things the same way can have the same benefits-- at least when we can agree to disagree.

There are things happening today that nobody would see both sides of. Can we then walk off from the topic and try to change the subject? 

There are times I am very tempted to write here regarding what I see as going on in the world, but I pretty well know there'd be those who read here and don't see it the same. Where I see the benefit of expressing an opinion, what is the benefit of arguing if it leads to anger or cuts us off from others? Do we have to convince others or can we just recognize we are not the same with our experiences.

Cloud photos from this place. Today, the sky is blue and clear with warmer weather on the way-- or so weather people say.


Greybeard said...

Boy, do you strike a nerve here!|

I pretty much stopped paying attention to your input some time ago... (about the time you started making my Aunt Violette's Peanut Butter cookie recipe!)
For a while now I've been watching my country take the wrong fork in the road toward the dump.
I could not believe the way the 2012 election turned out. How do you vote for someone whose entire history has been erased? Does that action not scare you to death? It did me.
And then the man for whom it is said "Every foreign relation decision he ever made was wrong" is our Commander in Chief.
And thirteen of our precious human lives are dead because of it. It makes me want to projectile vomit.
Rain, I wish I had your forbearance. I'm so angry, my comments won't win anyone over to my position.
Keep up the good work.
And enjoy those cookies.

Greybeard said...

(And I suspect there will be no responses to my comment for the very reason you point out.)