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Saturday, October 02, 2021


Hard to believe that it's already October. It's been a unique year for me-- living in a vacation trailer for half of it or thereabouts. That will end but not sure when exactly. It will depend on when the chores at the farm are finished or as finished as is possible right now. That is more about Ranch Boss than me.

My big decision is whether to continue this blog or let it go into hibernation for a while. I won't close it down no matter what i decide as I did that years back with an earlier blog and had the title taken over before I got back to reclaim it.

Pretty definite is Diane will not be back with the blog as she has found other ways to communicate what she is doing. I never actually did that with Rainy Day Thought, as for me, it's been about ideas. I don't share emotional difficulties or much of my daily life as it's been about what I'm thinking. I also rarely delve into politics as I prefer cultural issues to partisan ones. Perhaps someone else's idea is no longer of much interest with readers as the numbers have gone down a lot for readership and don't get me started on comments lol. It wasn't always this way but times change. Are blogs like mine no longer relevant? 

I will take a break in October and maybe November to evaluate how I feel about that. If you have an opinion on it, you might consider making a comment no matter which way you think. 

Oh, and on that last blog from 2014, eight years makes a big difference as we head into actual old age territory. No, I don't think that is their sixties for most people. That's really an extension of middle age. We definitely age at different rates but by our 70s, it's getting into true old age and I've seen it with things that bother me that did not earlier. As Ranch Boss and I turn 78 this year, we are both more aware of the limitations on our lives. Maybe that's due to poor choices but poor choices when younger generally slide on by. The older we get, the more it hits home. 

What I find myself thinking about the most often is-- what is my life purpose to be ... with old age?


ElizabethAnn said...

I’ve been following your blog but not commenting much mostly because you’ve been reposting old stuff that somehow I just couldn’t get into. However, I think your comment about one’s 60s and 70s is right on, there’s a big difference between them. Also I think there is a point to a blog like yours, but perhaps it appeals more to older folks than younger. We tend to accept the cultural norm that what younger folks like is what’s important. I hope you’ll keep it up, but of course only at a pace that suits you. I hope you’ve had a good summer back on the ranch.

Brig said...

You have been an interesting read from the start, for me.
I've let my blog slide for the better part of this year.
Lack of motivation on my part, and just needed a break with all the stupid going on in this country.
I still read most of the posts on the blogs I follow.

Joared said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog with pieces about whatever is going on in your life you want to share, your farm experiences, the challenges of your writing career, the occasions when you did discuss politics whether or not I agreed, your travels, nature photos, thoughts on your mind. Now with your transition to a different life phase in Tucson clearly your focus may adjust also, or not.

There is something to be said for writing about our lives as we age, to allow as many or as few readers of all ages to see what life is really like for older people -- which was the intent Ronni Bennett at the now dormant or defunct "Time Goes By Blog" envisioned -- and one possible motivation for writing a blog, then whatever you might choose to write could be of interest. There can be an interesting documenting of some of ones life activities and all sorts of other topics for each of us to reflect on ourselves, or our family members might find of interest in years to come as they age, maybe after we're gone even.

If having lots of readers, marketing your books, is important to you then I suppose you might view writing for your blog differently. Clearly, you can just take a break or whatever will most fill your life activity needs.

Tabor said...

WE are all in the same place now. We find limitations, we find aches and pains, we find memories, we find regrets, we find possibilities. I guess that is what life is. We move on to make room for those behind.

Darrell Michaels said...

Rain, I do hope you continue your blog, if only for my own selfish reasons. I find your stories, perspectives, and beautiful pictures something that is rare and deeply needed on this cesspool that the internet often is. I find your blog grounding and that is always a vital thing, especially in today's world. I can absolutely understand if you do decide to let your blog go dormant, but the blogosphere will definitely be a poorer place if so.

Rain Trueax said...

Thank you, Darrell. We're on the road right now, leaving Fallon. I'll know better how to handle this blog when we are settled. Did you know cats hate travel? lol

Darrell Michaels said...

Lol! Yeah, I have heard that cats hate travel; however, my wife has a friend who has sailed with her husband around the world in their own sail boat. They are off the coast of Tanzania last I heard. Anyway, they adopted a stray cat that came onto their boat unbidden in Malaysia, I believe. The cat loves sailing evidently. Must be an anomaly!

Safe travels!