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Monday, June 11, 2018

a link

I don't generally do a blog just for links but this is an important one. Our nation is going through a lot of depression. It is not from a political source, despite how some might want to blame that. It's something maybe about our culture, changes we can't predict or control, the environment, who knows but don't blame a party. Just look for answers to it that don't involve suicide. I think this is an important insight into it. If you don't have depression, maybe you know someone who does. I wish it was an answer. It's not. It's an insight.


Tabor said...

Yes. I have someone very close to me that has depression and struggles every single day. I do not sleep at night sometimes because of it. The nation (and the free world) is indeed depressed by this President...not necessarily all the members of his party since he really is not a true Republican. Those people who do not watch the news are depressed for other reasons, biological, cultural, etc. The Opioid crisis is caused in some part by poverty, joblessness, and the ugliness of the machine that pushed Opioids on people. No not one cause for everything, but certainly symptoms of a broken country.

Rain Trueax said...

Some who watch the news are happy with what he's doing. We are a divided country for what we believe is the right thing and I believe there are good people (and bad) on both sides of that chasm.