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Saturday, February 06, 2016

writing, politics, lambing, and birds...

 where a lot of my new book takes place. I bought the image of a lake and a cabin and had to put them together with photo-shop
Reading what some people comment in places like Facebook, I have seen a different side of politics for the anger. I knew it was in the newspaper comment sites, but was surprised when it's supposedly involving friends. I was even more surprised how much was coming from the left.

There are two candidates running for the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton, who was the designated one, and Bernie Sanders, the outsider who has been elected as a socialist in the Senate for years, even though he caucuses with the Democrats. He's not exactly an outsider considering his many years in Congress, but he also is not one of 'them' and he is advocating big changes if he wins.

Anyway I missed the beginning of their one on one debate Thursday night but caught the last hour. I guess I missed the fireworks. I saw reference to it the next morning in comments. One person declared that at one time she had favored Bernie but now she is mad at him for what her friends say about Hillary. Say what!!! You might agree with his politics but because he has fans who you don't like, you would not vote for him??? Might I say, that is nuts! lol

And then there are those who want Hillary just because she's a woman. Excuse me, but that is no more reason to vote for her than voting for Obama should have been because he was half black and half white. Sorry, but I just don't consider that sensible when the next President may appoint more Supreme Court Justices, where they will have wars they could enter, taxes they could increase or lower, environmental issues to decide, programs to gut, even Constitutional amendments to push. Come on, the fact that Hillary would be the first woman President is absolutely no reason to vote for her. Incidentally, neither should that Bernie would be our first Jewish President.

I believe (drum roll) that we should vote on two factors-- character and issues. Some would say character does not matter, but I believe it does and equally. IF the candidate says everything you want to hear, but they are known for deceit or waffling, seriously can you believe what they will do on those issues once they are in?

This seems early for people to get so angry but that's how it appears to be going. *shaking my head* Which is why I took a picture of me smiling. Seriously, it's laugh or cry a lot of the time, isn't it? And I'd rather laugh.

Meanwhile, I am still writing on the new historical (around 95,000 words and not sure how long to go), which should have its rough draft done by Sunday if not today. It's hard at the last, as from here, I could write it all in a day, but when you go too fast on writing, you miss the character notes. You don't get what these people would do when the unexpected happens. 

Below is what my desk currently looks like with research books, sheets of paper with character lists, timeline, calendars for their activities, moon cycles, notes, and chapter lengths as well as glasses, etc. etc. The bulletin board above it mostly has the pictures of the hero in this book with his heroine and much of its landscape (there is one snuck on there from what will be the first of the Arizona contemporaries, which I will get into when this book has its rough draft finished). 

I vary writing, watching birds, and talking to Ranch Boss about the latest plot development. I used to write totally alone with what I was doing, my plots, etc. Now I enjoy having someone to bounce ideas from and he likes doing it. There are places he knows things about that I don't; so it's very symbiotic as how it's evolved

Finally, lambing is going well.  


Tabor said...

Well, I would be so into that lamb. (And it might put me off eating lamb if I worked there.) The election is so much hype because if we have a Congress that want to pass or not pass EVERYTHING by the president, then whom we elect will not matter very much!!

Rain Trueax said...

yeah on either side. Until Americans make up their minds what they want done, this will happen. A lot of Americans favor gridlock but basically that means they pay these people to do nothing on any problem.

robin andrea said...

I have also been surprised by the political comments on Facebook. I tend not to engage politically in comments because it's too volatile. So, I mostly just read and wonder what I thought I knew about someone. I like that you and Farm Boss work together in some aspects of your writing. That is very lovely. Nice birds and lambs too!

Anne said...

I don't see much difference between the 2 Democratic candidates on issues, and I think both are people of integrity. The talk about Hilary being "untrustworthy" is just Republican campaign talk. I worry about electability. I hate to think of what the Supreme Court would look like if we get Marco Rubio (or any of the others) as president.

I love the birds and lamb.

Rain Trueax said...

I believe like you, Anne, that any Republican is unthinkable. The talk though of Hillary goes way back to her decisions regarding the bimbo eruptions. Not that she stuck with Bill, that was certainly her choice, but that she harassed those women to get them to stop making the accusations. Whether it's true is based on she said/she said. I will though vote for her in the election if she's the candidate. Bernie is my guy for the primary. He has his issues or rather I do in voting for him with proposals that aren't fully fleshed out, but I'd like to see us give it a try to stop the direction we've been going. If Hillary does get it, I will hope she has success and does what she says she will. Of course, none of them can do all they say since we are a nation divided.