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Tuesday, January 05, 2016


In thinking about the coming year, I put together a board, with some photos symbolizing 2015 for me, not about the people in my life but about nature, the farm, the trip we made through Lava Beds, and Arizona. 

To find images, I looked at it seasonally. There were months we took few photos and months when we took hundreds. Cutting them down was tough. 

The clay wagon train represents not only the book I brought out in March, but my growing up. It was always on my parents' wall until they both died and now it's on mine. I am not sure who added the paint to it, but I had a grandmother who painted oils. It could though have been my mother.

It's pretty easy to see, that for me, the big moments are the small ones.


Celia said...

Beautiful stuff Rain, small things matter.

Tabor said...

What a nice activity as a memory of where you were. It is always the small things.