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Saturday, March 14, 2015

spring and new life

We have five coins to spend in life: opportunity, time, talent, money, and energy. 

I don't know who said it, but it's on a post-it above my desk. It seemed a good reminder to go along with lamb pictures. Spring is here. The ewes and lambs are making the most of the sunshine and fresh grass.

This little one was born the smaller of a set of twins. She didn't seem she'd make it, but Farm Boss gave her some milk-replacer to bolster her strength. Then her stronger twin suddenly got diarrhea and seemingly instantly died. Because the stronger twin had been the ewe's favorite, Farm Boss skinned it and tied the hide to the back of this one. After being penned together a couple of days, the ewe accepted the offering, and soon the hide was not needed. This little ewe deserves to grin.


Tabor said...

Wow, interesting about how you tried to fool the mom. I love lambs both as animals and as food, so could not live on a farm where they were raised...I would get attached I had not such problems when I raised chickens.

Rain Trueax said...

I could not do it either if we only had a few. They would be individuals. Raising them in a large flock, that doesn't happen. BUT sometimes one stands out and it won't be sold or butchered. I remind myself for the rest that it's a good death and it serves an important purpose for my family to have healthy food as well as others since these have no hormones and only antibiotics when quite young and if something went wrong which means long out of their systems the many months later when they would become food. Still, it's not easy when the time comes to butcher. Without that though, there'd be none living to begin

robin andrea said...

What an interesting story about the twin lambs. I'm glad that the mom accepted the surviving twin. Such a sweet cutie.

Rain Trueax said...

The ewes are funny how they will sometimes take a liking to one of their twins and not the other. When they dislike one, they can be brutal. This ewe though wanted a baby; so that helped.

We have one white ewe with a black lamb and spotted black and white one-- she adores them both. Anyway we were happy for this lamb but unsure how we lost the twin unless it swallowed something unclean right away after birth. It can happen.