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Saturday, February 07, 2015

blogging or not

Last week, I was surprised to learn that Andrew Sullivan was no longer going to do a blog. That might have bothered me more since only last year had I taken out a subscription to his blog-- any chance for refunds, Andrew? Just joking. I am kind of glad I did it as then I don't need to feel my not doing it contributed to his calling an end to The Dish. The last blog was Friday.

Then I read this article by someone who had done a blog at one time.

If you blog, you've probably thought about quitting or taking a break. I certainly do. Sometimes I am convinced that I won't keep doing it and then I come around to-- but where could I share the photos we take?

Some say, as the writer above, that blogging is done. I don't believe that. People are interested in people. Some blogs are very popular and part of the daily life of their readers. I do think people may read less of them. I have never read as many as some, but right now maybe have four or five I check regularly, with several more I catch once a week or so.

Some know the exact date they began blogging and speak of anniversaries. I don't have anything like that. Partly this is true because I started a blog but then quit it, picking it back up with a slightly different name. I don't know when I began it either. I have written all my life. The difference with blogging is sharing the words.

Currently I have two blogs that I maintain with some regularity-- this one, which is pretty general, and my writing blog which is specific to the subject of writing or about my books. This one is once a week and the other twice a week. In addition I have several others that are not updated unless I think of a rant, put out a new book, or video (discussion, scenery, or eBook trailer).

Pretty regularly I think about stopping them all. I even tell friends-- I'm done. Not going to keep up with it. Then I do. That day may yet come.

Blogs take time. Mine have a few regulars who comment but most who come here read and go on. Once in awhile they will comment and I find out who they are, but generally not so much. Writing even once a week requires coming up with something interesting-- even to me. Blogs take time away from writing books, which is my main interest. On the other hand, the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter are where I can actually discuss my writing-- now with the new addition of once a month at Smart Girls Read Romance. I like writing about writing. 

For that matter, I like talking about it, which is something I didn't used to know. At one time I talked very little about my writing. I am not sure if it was because I figured nobody would be interested or if I thought those who can do-- those who can't talk about it. I know differently now. Here's a video discussion that I did about my most recent book, the novella, Rose's Gift-- writing a senior romance.

It's all about finding something that is satisfying and then finding a few others who enjoy the same thing. Sort of like playing with the cats.

The photos are mostly of Raven. Blackie, almost ten and at the door in a few, has limited interest in the toy. If it lands on him, he will hold onto it. That's about it. The toy has been called the bionic shrimp since our kids were home. This is not the first bionic shrimp-- it actually was forgotten in Tucson this trip.

Raven, adopted from a cat rescue group in late fall 2013, is now almost two years old. The goal for the shot was to catch her leaping in the air with her almost gymnastic twist. She is quite athletic and really gets into the game. 

The problem is, with one camera setting, she's in motion and it's a blur. The other camera setting requires clicking the shot two seconds before she goes up. She does not alert us as to when that will be. Most of my shots were when she was on her way back down or she had chosen a different attack mode. The final one Farm Boss took, while I was in charge of the fishing pole. I have not given up on catching her mid-air but not happening this week.

Currently, in this part of the Pacific Northwest, we are enjoying a Pineapple Express. We needed it for the rainfall. And when temperatures are in the mid-50s and not much lower at night, the grass grows-- cattle and sheep love that. The frogs are croaking, our plants are beginning to swell with the potential of spring not far off. I like the heavy rains, even the winds as this one is not supposed to lead to much flooding. Of course, this is when an unexpected freeze can change everything. I am thinking positive though-- just like the land seems to be.

If you blog, do you think about quitting?


DJan said...

Rain, I just wanted to encourage you to keep writing this blog. I read it once a week and follow it faithfully, but I don't ever comment. You are part of my daily life (well, weekly) and I enjoy what you have to say. Plus I enjoy your kitties. :-)

Linda Kay said...

I'm kind of new to blogging (9 months), but I find it a way to stimulate my brain in the morning for writing. Some writers use a challenge each day to write, so I use the blogs for a challenge of different ways to write. Please keep writing. I love your black cats, beautiful.

Tabor said...

You know that I follow your blog because you are a real writer and love writing and that is my interest. I will blog until I die...although I may pause now and then and will let my readers know. If everyone stops reading my blog I will try to find out if it is that I am so boring, which I know that I am sometimes. Blogging fills a need in my life that other things do not. If blogging is done, then for whom and why? For those who are news publishers, actual authors, journalists??

Tabor said...

I meant to ask if blogging is "finished."

Celia said...

I read your blogs and don't comment very often. I love following your writing processes as well as the life of your farm.

My own blogging has lugged down to very little. For now I'm interested more in the blogs of others.

Rain Trueax said...

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate hearing how others think. I think the alternative means of getting out information can offer a very valuable service. The media doesn't control everything ;)

robin andrea said...

We have kept our blog going for more than a decade now. In the beginning we posted everyday. We had just retired and had a lot of things to say about everything. Now we post once or twice a week, and plan to keep at it. There is always something beautiful to photograph and often enough a good story to tell. I think blogs are an important balance to the social networking sites that are intended for instant interactions. Blogs are fantastic for online journals. I always stop by to see what's happening in your neck of the woods and am always glad to read what you have been up to.

Meryl Baer said...

Blogging allows me to write what I want when I want. I am prone to procrastination and plain laziness. Blogging deadlines - even self-made ones - helps keeps me focused. And I enjoy it!
Sometimes we have no idea who reads our blogs, but hope we reach out. Keep up the great work!

Ingineer66 said...

Don't quit. I know it can be difficult to come up with topics. I gave up on writing my own becasue I find other things to do with my time. But I have considered starting again because about half the blogs I followed have stopped writing. I think Facebook has cut into some blogs because people post there instead. I prefer not to talk politics on Facebook, but every once in a while I will comment on a political topic.

Wally Blue said...

My blogging has evolved or maybe I should say devolved from a mixture of personal opinion, book reviews, and quotes, to one of simply sharing photos. I continue to blog because friends and family like the photos and once in a while I will run into someone I haven't seen in years and he/she will tell me they keep up with me by viewing the blog. So, I hang in there for them and plus I suspect that someday I may get inspired again and renew my effort. I agree with Ingineer 66 that Facebook will take the wind from your sails if you try to post on both places.

Rain Trueax said...

Sounds like you all run through the same feelings I have had. The big thing for me the last month has been getting Rose's Gift ready to come out and then finding places to write about it.

I still have your old blog bookmarked under 'more good reads,' ingineer ;).

I haven't had the heart to write in the rant recently, which is mostly where I put the political stuff. I agree about trying to keep it out of Facebook. I do comment under topics like at Huffington but that takes less time than doing an essay of my own. I also tend to think people have their minds made up and don't really care about other opinions where it comes to politics.

Tara Crowley said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Robin about a blog being an on-line journal. It is so fun to go back and read years and years of history on my various fave blogs.

I have had times when I was burnt out and quit. Like so many other things: if it becomes more chore than anything else, I'd prefer not to do it. I'm glad that I still keep it up, but at the same time I'm not nearly as fanatical about doing all the time.

Dick said...

I would say that I have stopped blogging- my last post was in Aug 2013, I think. My main reason for doing the blog was to stay in touch with my kids and friends while traveling in my RV. Since I remarried in 2007 and my now wife doesn't like to travel, we have sold the RV. I just don't think there are many who would be interested in what I do each day now, but I've left the blog as I still hear from people who have found it and like looking through the photos especially.

Maybe I would eventually start another if I found a reason. In the meantime, I enjoy reading those I've followed over the years although there are not many of them left.

Rain Trueax said...

Yes, Dick, you should never delete a blog. Someone else takes the name and in your case, your blog tells a story of a time in your life. I have its URL down there in the more good reads list.

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

I think about quitting whenever I wonder what I'll write today..... but my readers seem to like my ramblings and random thoughts and some even leave comments. It's to them I write... and to those I know are reading in the morning but never leaving a note.

The blog is the story of my life, without embellishment, in prose worthy of being shared with others. I could never write a diary; it felt like talking to myself. But the blog talks to you and others who read it and somehow that makes it feel like a more valid experience.

Don't stop.... I'd miss you

Rain Trueax said...

AB, I think those who write journal type blogs probably have more reason to keep doing it than someone like me with an idea blog. I won't quit though just yet ;)