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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hagel-- right man for the job

Hopefully Democrats and moderate Republicans are paying attention right now to the coming confirmation hearings for Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. The battle by the neocons to deny him the position has already begun. If you travel to a Fox news (I use that latter term loosely) site, you will see massive dislike of Hagel by those who fill out the polls. They are already being indoctrinated.

Why do Neocons and those like McCain and his little buddy Graham, dislike Hagel so much for being at the head of Defense? Do some research and find out.

This is clearly going to be an attack on policies that Obama wants implemented, but his choice of Hagel is an excellent one for the soldiers and veterans. A man who actually served in combat, who was wounded, a man who has stood up for the veterans in every way he can, a man who doesn't favor wars we don't have to fight, one who wasn't a chicken hawk, this is the kind of guy who can really have the back of our soldiers.

For a lot of the right wing, they are all for the military until it properly equips the soldiers going into combat, until it is about Veteran Benefits when they get out.  Then it goes from a pat on the back to a sneer that they are takers. This from those who never fought a war of their own.

This debate is over whether we rush into another war as some Neocons are eager to see happen. It is over whether Obama has the right to choose his own team and frankly with Kerry in State, Hagel in Defense, and Biden as Veep, I think we have an excellent team to be with Obama but also give him wise advice.

I like the choice of Hagel and Kerry a lot (more uncertain about Brennan) and hope Democrats and moderate Republicans will research Chuck Hagel's career and opinions; and if they also like it, get behind the appointment. It might take public opinion to make it happen.


Diane Widler Wenzel said...

The article about Hagel was of great interest. Thanks for sharing. I hope he gets the Hagel gets to be Secretary of Defense. Some malecious propaganda is really pushing it to make him look anti-Israel. Israel is a complicated situation and if all they can find against him is his saying Israel has lobbiests in Washington DC. That is rather weak in my opinion.

Hattie said...

Hagel is obviously the right person for the job. And I like Kerry, too, and am in the minority among feminists, I suspect, in believing he is a better person for the job of secretary of state than the hawkish Susan Rice.
Excellent post and sources, Rain. Thanks.

Rain Trueax said...

I totally agree, Hattie on Susan Rice (also think Obama needs equals in these jobs not in power so much but in experience as they can advise him not just be his puppet). Although I must say after watching now 9 episodes of The Untold History of the United States, I wonder how much of what sounds good will end up the opposite... I hope for the best on this though and Hagel and Kerry both are apt to be reluctant to see us in new wars if we can go on their past work. Democrats should be behind them for that reason if no other.

Ingineer66 said...

I tried to comment from my new iPad but apparently it did not take.

I find it interesting that the second article says his appointment will end years of military intervention in other countries. Obama has sent US troops to intervene in about twice as many other nations as President Bush did. Just because it is not the top story on the nightly news every day, I guess the author does not know about it.

Rain Trueax said...

It might mean that but it will depend on what Obama wants and the backup he needs for what he wants given he's accused of being soft on terrorism and a communist whatever he does. The latest on Drudge is comparing him to Hitler and Stalin because he wants to do something about gun control. Hagel won't make policy for Obama but he can help him with support for that which he wants to make but has a hard time getting past the right wing. We didn't invade Syria under Obama and we didn't bomb Iran which is what both Romney and McCain wanted. You give Obama Hagel, support that, and then see what he does. It cannot be worse than what Romney would have done for 'invasive' politics overseas. If the right wing, those who aren't under the power of the right wing pundits who make their fortune from being divisive in this country, will stand up for Hagel... and that's a real IF because mostly what I hear from such who listen to the right, read the right, is whatever they think about independence, they swallow the kool-aid.

And Obama is lousy at selling things. I still can't believe he let a pastor do the invocation or benediction who has said Jesus can cure gays. Why he takes on those battles is beyond me. I understand that pastor has been active in fighting modern slavery but there are others doing good work who didn't supply the kool-aid regarding the magic of Jesus where it comes to changing someone's sexual orientation. And this really is Axelrod's doing as he's in charge of the inauguration ceremony. I like Axelrod but what was he thinking to get this kind of battle going right now? Obama needs more troubles?

Hattie said...

Obama's gaffes are puzzling to me, too.

Ingineer66 said...

You would think after 4 years amateur hour at the White House would be over. The one cabinet post that I feel has done the worst job for Americans is Eric Holder and he is staying on. I would have rather seen him leave and all the other ones stay.

Rain Trueax said...

Yeah like Bush did so well, right? lol and Romney, he'd have been a real winner :)

Rain Trueax said...

Looks like the pastor backed out. Too bad they need to have invocations or benedictions since many like me don't believe in that kind of thing at all. Pious prayers in public. Gee, who said that's not a good idea!