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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Even though I have cut way back here to do more with Rain Trueax, I cannot miss the opportunity to post something about 12/12/12 which is the last such combination that our culture will see for another hundred years assuming we don't destroy ourselves first.

I don't know that there is anything magical about such a combination of numbers. Well, actually I do know; but since what I know logically says no way could there be since numbers are man-made conveniences, I'd rather act as though magic could sometimes happen.

It could be a magical time if we make it into one to work on some new idea, something that we want in our life but haven't started but we will today. If there are such spans, the time between 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 could certainly be one such. If there is not, a new start, new seeking of opportunities, anytime would be a great time to begin something new or refine something old.

Photo December 9th at Catalina State Park. 

As I think I have mentioned before, I don't buy into the Mayan calendar stuff anymore than I did the millenium or any other such combination of man-made dates. If the Mayans were so wise, why didn't they know that the Europeans did not mean them well? Ends of calendars happen all the time. I buy a new one every year. So for it to be significant for end of earth, some polar shift, or a planetary pull (an alignment that happens every year), doesn't make sense.

On the other hand, I know from my own experiences that some times are better for me to be creative than others. There are times when everything flows and other times it stagnates and I might as well do some meditation, go for a walk, or sit back as nothin' is happening no way. Does that relate to some planetary alignment? I don't know but try to be observative of how I am feeling and go with it when I get a shot at a  vibrant time (which has been happening this year from before the 12th).

A few links on the subject as we keep one thought in mind regarding this. Such thinking is not about a god or a religion, it's about a repetition of cycles, observation, and some conclusions, that as with all such conclusions, might or might not be valid but can be fun to explore:

Once again we had a tragic shooting, this time in a mall where I could have had relatives or friends and have many times been there myself. Tonight, as I write this, the authorities have not yet identified who did the shooting, but likely we already know a lot about the shooter. This keeps happening and while some will say it's about guns, I think it's more about mental illness and stopping people who are dangerous before they act out. Almost always those around them have worried about the shooters, but there's been no way to do anything. We need to find a way because this kind of random violence simply is not okay. It could literally happen to any of us. To do something about this is going to take better responses to mental illness. I had my blood pressure going up tonight, as I imagine did many Americans. Maybe we can't stop all of it, but I think we can do better.


Tabor said...

No it will not be about guns until more people are carrying them and "try" to help. So sorry for Oregon's tragedy.

Rain Trueax said...

The only people carrying guns who can truly help are those trained to use them by the military, police or maybe some school. A lot of people shooting could just end up with more dead.

We had another of these in Oregon some years ago where a young man started shooting in a Salem mall. He was pinned down and stopped by an armed, off-duty police officer until the police arrived. When a lot of people start shooting, it can end up with more deaths. We have concealed weapon permits but we hardly ever carry because the risks of misusing a gun are great in any confusing situation.

Also I don't honestly think more guns helps but we sure have them. Some have bought guns they don't know how to use safely but gotta have because they are scared the government will try to confiscate all guns. Their fear has grown that they might need these assault rifles in case in case the government needs to be overthrown... Logic plays no role in this as obviously with a military like ours, a few people with assault rifles are not going to take it over.

The thing is I don't yet know about this man but almost all of such shootings are done by those who others did know had mental problems and were worried about it but couldn't do anything because there was nothing in place to make a difference. He could have gone into the mall with a machete and killed a lot of people too-- maybe even more as there'd not be the warning sounds.

I'd be all for limitations on assault rifles and extended magazines but it won't solve this problem not when some are glorifying violence and we are ignoring the elephant in the room.

Why not start with mental illness and better ways to identify that which can be dangerous as well as provide help that makes a difference?

Taradharma said...

I have family in Portland, and I, too, of course, immediately hoped they were not Christmas shopping at that mall at that time. (All is well) I do think of the horror it must have been for all involved, to have such a happy time violated in the worst way.

I agree, it's about mental illness. It will be interesting to understand how this man got access to a gun, and what kind of gun it was. As of last night the news story was fairly limited.

Hattie said...

One of the worst incidents happened in Honolulu. You may not have heard about it.
One thing is clear: The people who commit these crimes have had training in how to use weapons, often military training.

Celia said...

Glad all of our families are safe, sad for the ones whose dear ones are not. The news said the young man had "stolen" the gun from a friend. God help us all if people in theaters and malls start shooting back, the slaughter would be terrible. I agree Rain, the glorification of violence is a big contributing factor. That and the fact that a person with mental problems can no longer (at least in Washington) be hospitalized by their family and friends until something bad has happened.

Rain Trueax said...

Workplace violence has been something that happens every so often. Someone gets fired or doesn't like their coworkers and the solution is shoot. It's hard for me to comprehend wanting to murder anyone. This guy at Clackamas Mall just wanted to kill someone. He's the age they often are for that. Oregon has had some of these every so often including in schools. It is very worrisome to me. What gets me is how often these killers have lost in life, aren't succeeding and they take out those who are which appears to be the case with the two killed in Portland. It's hard to know what we can do about it but at least with mental illness, there is something-- if we are willing to do it. As for taking the guns, we'll never get them all even if that became the goal but we could make them harder to buy. In this case they say he stole the gun he used. which is why we have heavy duty gun safes in Oregon and here.

redondowriter said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today, quite synchronistically I might add, because you gave me lots of food for thought. I had forgotten this is the end of the Mayan calendar, but I'm like you. It doesn't register with me as the end of anything, but does remind me that maybe it's time for some new starts and some renewals. The shooting in Portland is horrifying.

We are preparing for rain late this afternoon and I noticed on the news last night when they showed Portland that it looked like it was or had been raining there.

Over the years I have enjoyed your blog so much and I do hope to get back to being more faithful about posting and reading. Merry Christmas, Rain/Betty.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

So sad about that shooting and so truly terrible. Something has to change in how guns are so easily available to just about anyone---no safeguards, it seems. It does feel as if so very many people are mentally ill these days....! The world is going mad, I'm sorry to say.

Rain Trueax said...

I agree, Naomi or totally selfish to the point nobody cares about others or should I say too many don't care. The more we learn about this shooter, he was another young male but whether he began to get the symptoms of schizophrenia is hard to say. He definitely planned it and maybe wanted to kill himself but that wasn't enough. He had to take others with him-- those who had succeeded a life as he apparently had decided he had failed.

This lack of empathy for others might be instilled through entertainment especially these war games that are getting more and more realistic for the wireless systems and game machines. I don't know how you teach empathy to someone. I also don't know how you stop merciless killers like the serial killer in Alaska who recently killed himself and had said about his murders that he liked doing it. He had no compassion for anybody. What makes that happen?

Incidentally I had to temporarily put the verification on here as even with Blogger's excellent control over spam, my email was being bombarded and I had to come here daily to check the spam and delete it. I must have gotten on some list. In a few weeks I can take it off, I hope as this hasn't always been so bad.