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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Some more takes on our election

Daily Show's take on Fox as they tried to deny the election results as long as possible. Why are we surprised-- we aren't. But this bunch will try to stir up rage and it's working with a certain element of the population-- those addicted to Fox and right wing talk radio for their information. Is it to keep their followers tied to them for their misinformation? Maybe. Republicans in power have shown their first loyalty is to their partisan group and not America. That's what so enraged that bunch about Chris Christie when he put the people of his state ahead of partisanship.

And a friend sent me the following from 'AllAfrica.com.

interview  Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi, International Relations expert and author of the book, "Barack Obama: From Questions To Admiration," explains reasons behind President's second term win. 

Americans on Tuesday November 6, 2012 re-elected President Barack Obama. What, according to you, explains the wide margin of victory contrary to opinion polls?  First of all, it is not really a surprise that Barack Obama has been re-elected because he conforms to what majority of Americans want to see in their representative at the White House. The image of America around the world has improved immensely since he took over power four years ago. Prior to that, being an American in most parts of the world was more of a danger - physically speaking, for the individual. Today, that has changed and I think that it is thanks to his policies, his extended hand of friendship, and the fact that Barack Obama is truly a world president. He represents the diversity of humanity in himself and his family affiliations. So, I think that what he represents for the world and America is positive, overall. Maybe that is why it was better for him to continue for a second term.

The second reason is that in times of crisis, it is better to have a sure hand; someone who can weather the storm more confidently than a person who starts to learn the principles of government in the middle of a very agitated sea. Perhaps, American voters understood that it was not the time to hand over power to someone who would start learning leadership in the middle of a storm.

The third reason is that Barack Obama had a well-designed and organised campaign strategy that was well oiled four years ago and perfected its organisation during this election.

 You talked of America being in the middle of crisis. Which crisis are you referring to?  America is experiencing economic crisis - with more than seven per cent unemployment, an economic growth rate that is very poor, high level of debt... All these make for a rather gloomy outlook. But I think it is all the more remarkable that despite this situation, Obama was still given a second chance. It means that there is something in him, his charismatic personality. After all, he was able to pull out a few things such as the killing of Osama bin Laden that also played a major role in uplifting his image in terms of security for Americans The situation in the Middle East is so tense with the war in Syria and the war of words between Israel and Iran.  

With the election of Obama, what do you think the future holds for this region? The truth is that this region has always been agitated, has always known trouble. Now, it is a matter of lessening the level of tension either in Palestine, Syria or between Israel and Iran. It would be too optimistic to think that someone can solve the problem now. The region is always a dangerous spot for American foreign policy. I think Obama was too absorbed in working for his re-election. Now, he will have a better time frame to deal with these issues as the election is over.  

Some people are of the opinion that Obama didn't do much for Africa in his first term. What do you think? I reject this way of thinking by most Africans. Mr. Obama is an American President. What did Africa do for his election in 2008 and re-election on November 6, 2012? The two are not connected. He is the President of the United States of America and his platform concerns the lives of American citizens to whom he is today linked historically. It is true his father is Kenyan, but Obama is an American citizen. It is time for Africans to stop thinking that somebody owes them something. The question is what Africans have done to merit any kind of gratitude from Barack Obama. I think Africans should work out a strategic partnership, present to America and negotiate with their President. But have they done that?

 How do you see the future of the world in the next four years with America under Barack Obama's leadership? Will the world be a more secure place, given the potentially explosive situation in the Middle East? It is a very difficult question to answer. The greatest challenge for America today is China, not the Middle East, Africa or Europe. The next world power from a commercial, economic and technological standpoint is clearly China. I think the Chinese are also determined in the next 25 years to become the world's first economic power because they are not yet a military super power. I think President Obama will rather insist on cooperation with all countries and cultures. I don't think he will be like a Republican president, a war monger who prefers the military solution in first place. I think he will be more willing to negotiate and put economic and technological cooperation first, before resorting to war.


Tabor said...

I am just glad it is over for now!!

Rain Trueax said...

The campaign is over but this battle has really just begun. The hate on the right is almost maniacal when you read what they are claiming-- like God did this as punishment on our nation. And on it goes. We really have to care and continue to stay informed because filibuster and campaign finance reform won't happen without a groundswell of demands enough to pressure the right to do it. We'd all like to take a nap and forget it but we can't if we want hope to turn into real change.

Diane Widler Wenzel said...

All I can do is reach out to my friends and family who are Christian fundamentalists and try not to antagonize them in a counterproductive argument. If all of us can do this, it might make a difference. It is really hard to put a neighbor to ease if they are arming themselves for the revolution they think is a breath away.

Rain Trueax said...

If they keep listening to Fox and people like Limbaugh or Mark Levin, believing tripe by those like Ann Coulter, people who like Karl Rove make their money from that kind of talk, they will not listen to anybody from the 'other' side. They are convinced anybody who voted for Obama is from the Devil or out to destroy our country with a desire to get freebies. It's an alternate reality. Maher says it's a bubble and that's close to what it is. Facts are irrelevant.

I think maybe now our best effort can be toward figuring what we do about some of the huge issues confronting the world-- like global climate change. If we can't stop it, what do we do to prepare as best we can? In our nation getting some rules in place for these campaigns in terms of the money spent or how do we monitor the lies? If there is no consequence for lying, they'll keep doing it-- although I think in this case, there was.

What got me with righties was listening to Limbaugh say that they won't support blacks on his side of the ideological fence. Seriously he said that as though skin color was all it should take and we should ignore what they stand for? Right now that extreme element, who condemned Christie for working with Democrats even for the good of his state, they won't be capable of change. They need new leaders who can see beyond the extremism to some reality. I don't hold out much hope it'll be soon.

Ingineer66 said...

So do you want us all listening to the one true voice on MSNBC? We can be like Iran or the old Soviet Union and only have one government sponsored news channel.

Sorry after watching Chris Matthews talk like he was an Obama staffer after the election and then say that he was so happy that the hurricane happened and how it helped Obama politically, I cannot believe that they even call MSNBC a news channel. They should call it the DNC channel. At least Fox News has liberals and moderates on as well as conservatives.

Rain Trueax said...

MSNBC is like fox-- partisan. They both have liberals and conservatives speaking. I just heard Michael Steele discussing what happened with Mayor Brown from SF. I didn't watch Chris when he said what he did but I saw him the next day when he was totally apologetic and saying what a horrible thing he said. You ever hear Limbaugh admit that?

As for me, I read right and left. It's been quite an experience to read WND and Drudge right now. I hope you are keeping track of the ones on 'your' side and how logical they are approaching this now...

Here's the thing-- Romney got all his news and polling from Fox and its ilk. Do you think that's a good idea for a presidential candidate? It left him hanging out there when their polling was totally wrong.

And where did I suggest people should get all their info from MSNBC?

Rain Trueax said...

On this reading the 'other' side, I should add here that when Petraeus' resignation because of an affair came out, the far right nuts began to see a conspiracy, that he was lying about it and it was really to hide Benghazi scandals.

Now if anybody has seen who the woman was and how it came out, the idea of a conspiracy to protect Obama is nuts. If someone wanted to hurt Obama, the news would have come out before the election.

Secondly why would they suddenly decide that Petraeus would lie after believing he was so honorable?

It's the nuttiness that I see anytime I read comments on any of the right wing stories at Drudge.

It's hard to say why Petraeus decided to resign. Maybe he wants to protect his marriage. Maybe he is in love with this woman. He (or she) was being investigated by the FBI that he may have given the woman access to secret, classified information. But only righties would blame Obama for it. It is a nutty movement and anybody who wants to connect themselves to it should be sure they read all of what is out there. I fear for Obama because this is inciting a violent act and if you read any of it, you know it.

Ingineer66 said...

I guess he really was "General Betrayus". Nancy Pelosi had it right for once. Who knows if his resignation really had anything to do with Bengazi or not. The mainstream media has been asleep at the switch on that so far. Now that the election is over, maybe the networks will do some reporting on it.

Rain Trueax said...

I do not see their private sexual lives should be a factor in their jobs. Many men we regarded as 'great' were not sexually pure and nobody cared. The Benghazi hearing talk and about Obama knowing about this and used it now to hide benghazi secrets is the nutso right. Petraeus can still be called to testify. I tell you sometimes reading comments in various drudge sites makes a person fear for the sanity of our nation! how many are that ignorant??? Or worse, that violent?!

Rain Trueax said...

I wrote what I think about Benghazi. The fact that the right wants to turn this into an impeachment issue shows the total ignorance, inability to use logic. It has not been discussed because it is a non-issue. Extremely dangerous area, a lightly defended consulate (not embassy) and ambassador who knew its danger and was actually killed by smoke inhalation and three security officials (at least two CIA) and truthfully the right wants this to be a big deal because their true goal for it failed (more loss of life). It will get another hearing but given other losses of life in dangerous regions, this is all partisan and it is the only place you hear it-- those who support torture, wars that make no sense, huge military budgets and no accountability except for a food stamp mom!

Rain Trueax said...

On Petraeus, this was interesting-- The sins of General David Petraeus-- it won't please war lovers or those who want to blame Obama for everything...