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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The best campaign video you will see this year

Kay had this one on her blog. I like it for assorted reasons. It represents the start of the campaign season here at Rainy Day Thoughts. Until the election, with pretty much only a few breaks, this blog will be political and discuss whatever is happening in that line.

This is what is at stake and for anybody who thinks Obama has been a disappointment, I hope they will stop and consider what Romney will do to a ton of issues important to vulnerable Americans as well as progressives. Over the next months I'll be reminding readers what those issues are.
After the election, no matter who wins, I hope to forget about politics for a year! Until then, I will do my best; but in the end, we, as patriotic Americans, do accept how the vote goes and hope for the best! Until then, it's all out for what I consider to be one of the more important elections of my time in terms of which way this country goes.


Tabor said...

I do not think GOP would get us out of this recession except on the backs of its citizens. So it will be painful if they get the majority.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

That first Video is truly moving!!!! And fabulous!!!
The second---Very Very Informative.

Did you happen to read Eve Ensler essay/blog on Akin, yesterday? Very Very Powerful.

And it seems the whole Republican Party is not that far away from his views---PARICULARLY on Abortion.

Hattie said...

Very good videos.
I've always been a political junkie; however this election is driving me crazy!