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Sunday, July 18, 2010


As long as I am writing about art additions to our home and I just was, I thought I'd post pictures of two more that came recently.

My daughter gave me the above dragonfly for no reason other than that she had seen it and knew I liked them. Then when our grandchildren came to spend a week, we were in a little shop where our grandson bought the second dragonfly which perches on a refrigerator. He surprised me by saying he wanted it for here at the farm.

I love them both as well as a copper dragonfly that I was given one Christmas by our daughter-in-law and son.

There is something very spiritual about dragonflies. I think it is because they undergo a complete change in their form at a certain point in their lives. They go from living under water as a swimming insect to emerging with a new form that flies in the sky. Perhaps it's not only about the many resurrection stories in mankind's mythology but also our own desire to emerge into what seems to be our truest form through our life experiences.

This summer I have yet to photograph any on the farm, but think I will now that we have gotten the irrigation going as that provides the water to draw them. While out watching the sheep to avoid coyote attacks, I can do a lot of waiting patiently for dragonflies to show up


Paul said...

I like dragon flys too Rain...:-)

robin andrea said...

Your dragonfly collection is beautiful, rain.

Ole Phat Stu said...

This one - on her way to hunt over my gardon pond - bent her wing when she hit my gesticulating hand as I was sitting on the terrace talking exitedly. She was stunned for almost 5 minutes, which isa how I got to take take the closeup.


Parapluie said...

I am going to pay more attention to them this summer. I love the transparency of their wings and their metalic colorings.

Darlene said...

I have a dragon fly strip to hang my keys on. I wish I could get one for you, but I have had it for a very long time and probably could not find another.

I hope that fence gets built soon so you don't have to watch for coyotes.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

These are Beautiful, Rain.....So delicate yet strong, too....They are an inspiration, aren't they?