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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Something to read

Not that I want to come across as consistently spreading a negative message, but I had this one scheduled for awhile before I realized I should write about the one before it. They actually do go together.

The following link is a comparative history of what happened in the Soviet Union with what appears, to the author, a Russian immigrant who is now a citizen of the United States, to be happening here. If you don't have time to read this entire essay, skip to the end as it has some possible suggestions to consider if the worst happens. The way we are going-- left and right, the worst might well be here sooner than we might have wished.

People who think something like that could never happen here are those who have never studied the history of other cultures. It seems to me that a lot of our country has not only gone soft but nutty without a real grasp of what it takes to survive in the world. People think they can live forever on past techniques for prospering.

Chaos from our information sources is almost total. You can choose to listen to somebody who will tell you exactly what you want to hear (Fox & MSNBC equal opportunity anger machines), but can you get real information?

Some folks are counting on a cosmic Santa to provide for them (and that isn't just among believers in a god). People feel removed from a more elemental time of cause and effect where consequences were more apparent or came faster. It's kind of amazing how fast this happened, how few generations it took to get here. If you assume the way it always was is the way it always will be, you are unprepared for change.

Politically, I think there is a lot wrong with our system for dealing realistically with any problem. Everything is phrased in partisan terms which makes it hard to fix anything which means most of it won't be fixed even though it will publicized that it was-- until the next catastrophe. The divide between rich and poor grows. The divide between left and right has widened. Frankly I am not thrilled with for what either party stands leaving people like me in a kind of unmarked territory-- political orphans.

Ignoring the current political paralysis, just think about the economic travails, climate shifts, possible pandemics, natural disasters, violent bomb attacks, and who knows what could come. I hope Orlov is wrong, but he's worth reading just in case he's not. It's not about paranoia. It's about preparedness, a practical awareness that sometimes we have to look after ourselves and nobody else will do it for us.

Most people are woefully unprepared for any kind of difficult time. They count on grocery stores always being open, gasoline in plentiful time, safe water from their tap, mass communication, banks supplying trading cash, electricity, police showing up to protect them, and medical care that works. It has not always been that way. For an assortment of reasons, there might come a time ahead where it won't be again.

I know people prefer reading something more upbeat. It can be enervating to think on how vulnerable our way of life might be; but not facing things won't help if bad times lie ahead. Having a plan, being prepared might make the difference between sitting and waiting to die or surviving, and it doesn't do a thing to ruin today.

The pair of geese at the top have been coming (or their offspring) to the farm in the spring for years now. Last year there were six of them but this year I have only seen this pair. They are always so alert to danger even when seemingly resting. If one does nap, the other watches. The cattle and sheep mix with them and no problem; but they know where the real risks might come-- and it's from humans.


Margaret said...

I'm just stopping by to say how impressed I was with what you wrote at Paul's. But I was also very disturbed by the level of what passes as "discourse" from a few other commenters--which ranged from name-calling, personal attacks and blatant untruths. We will never be able to solve our problems in the world with such alternate views of reality. (by alternate I mean fabricated)

Rain said...

Thanks Margaret. I actually received several encouragements from people there which were all appreciated as that kind of negative discourse is never enjoyed nor does it feel helpful. I can understand that it comes out of fear of what is happening. but it still is no fun and right or left can dish nastiness out sometimes without sticking to the actual facts of what is happening. I understand that too as sometimes there is a strong impulse to strike back, like it would temporarily feel good; but it's always a lose/lose whenever I do that and I always regret it later. The only hope we really have as a people is always through using logic and sticking to what is really happening-- not always easy to do though.

Thanks also for stopping by :)

mandt said...

Excellent post Rain. The linked article stills reads well after these few years. When I first read it, it was going the rounds on several European blogs. There is some excellent advise within it and worth the long read. Thanks for bringing it forward again. peace MandT

Paul said...

Rain and I are friends and I in no way condone her being demeaned or denigrated and she knows it. She and I can disagree but be civil about it. There are people of ill will all over the political spectrum. A lot of pwoplw are scared and rightly so, but I have faith in humanity. :-)

Bumps Stump said...

Hi Rain . . . .It's been a while since I looked in. Your posting is a good as ever. I wish I had as good a discerning eye. Several of your words caught attention. POLITICAL ORPHANS for example. You and I are on different sides of the park yet for various reasons those two words apply to both of us and many more. I really think our representative government is becoming less representative no matter black or white, liberal or conservative, or even rich or poor.

There seems to be precious few good solid men in gov't. who are listening. Apparently, honest men with common sense are run under the political steam roller when they get to Washington. It's too bad, and probably won't change anytime soon.

There are a handful of potential candidates on the conservative-libertarian side of the Republican Party, and about the same number of solid and honest liberal Democrats on the other.

Why so few of either?

The pessimist will say that people become politicians to obtain power, status, and graft.

The optimist will say that the political situation is "self-correcting" and will definitely improve.

Americans seem to be caught between them.


Rain said...

He wrote it in 2005, Dixon, but really it's very up to date for the same problems are with us. Maybe even magnified which makes sense if we are on the path he suggests.

And yes, Paul, you and I discuss these things without beating each other up. It's never easy though because I think we all have intense feelings about it but we don't always agree on the right path.

I am closing down the comment section while I am off for a month. I just want all who comment here though to know I appreciate the ideas that everyone presents-- agree or disagree. Where I am taking a blogging break though it won't be much of a break if I try to get back on to moderate comments or reply to things. So it'll be a time out but only for a month. Hopefully I will have renewed energy for discussions... I hope *s*