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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scandal Control

Under normal circumstances, I'd not comment on the Foley, Congressional Page scandal as the newspapers are full of the details. What has gotten me about it, more than that an adult male (or female these days) would use their position to seduce teen-agers, is the reaction from Republicans-- the scandal control operation put immediately into place. Not to say Foley was right in what he did. He's disgusting, but it's what people who weren't perverts (supposedly anyway) did about it both before it came out and continuing.

First came the Republican expressions of horror that Foley would do such a thing. One of their own. Oh my! Then came the information that some of them knew about it. Uh oh... can't stay with the original dodge-- so it was the fault of the Democrats. They probably knew about it and held back until right before the election. Never mind that these boys came from Republican families as whoever wants to let facts get in the way when trying to bury a scandal.

Next I am hearing-- well look at all the Democrats who have done the same thing as Foley or worse. That was quickly combined with who else can keep the American people safe but Republicans? Only they will hold the line and win the war in Iraq. That last was evidently Speaker Hastert who quickly got himself onto Rush Limbaugh-- two soft-living, old men who never fought a war anywhere, but we are supposed to believe men like them are the reason we can win the war in Iraq. Amazing. They might be why we got into it without thinking it through but win it? Ack!

In my many years, I have seen scandals from both parties and fully understand that among all politicians are those who lead secret lives. Power corrupts, and too many in power do whatever they can get away with. They lose track of what is even moral as they espouse how good they are with words and forget those same words when it comes to their personal actions.

But the difference in parties is Republicans are the ones claiming to be God's party, the ones who are the righteous, religious and moral bunch. They claim, as Foley did before he was outed, that they will protect Americans from perverts. They are the heroes; like Cunningham was before he was caught in a web of corruption that sent him to jail.

It's not been determined that Foley committed any crimes yet, although evidently he himself helped write laws making it illegal to use the internet to seduce minors. Is that ironic or what!

Foley has now checked into an alcohol rehab center. I guess that is one way to avoid answering questions, but does anybody really believe the man did what he did because of alcohol? Oh and his lawyer says he is gay and oh yes was also molested as a youth. Furthermore, he's innocent because he was unsuccessful in his seduction attempts.

In comparison to the evil of the man who just killed the little girls in Pennsylvania, this is nothing, but it's how our political system reacts to it that makes it something.

To me, the basic lesson is don't believe what any politician says about himself. Because the guy claims he's moral is no reason to vote for him because too often those running on supposed character quality have no clue what it even is.

(No pictures for this one as it's one of those
just came up topics and besides what kind of picture would be appropriate? I sure can't think of any uplifting side to it.)

(Updated: In comments, Dick suggested outhouses would be good photos for blogs like this one about scandals. I realized that I actually had such photos as I have photographed more than a few when I see one that is in an interesting area or different. This one is in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. Anyway, from now on, whenever the topic is suitable, this will be the picture.)


Dick said...

Maybe a photo of an outhouse would be appropriate?

I am getting more & more to where I think we really need to get rid of the professional politicians and go back to a citizen congress. Maybe if we did have term limits that applied to all, not just those in a few states it would keep the pros out. It sure gets frustrating when I look at the candidates put up by both parties. Few of them really seem to be a good choice.

Ingineer66 said...

I think you hit the nail on the head Dick. I think many politicians are whackos and we need to get rid of pretty much all of them from both parties. But I am surpised at how big this story has become. Brian Ross at NBC sat on the story because he didnt think it was that big of a deal until right before the election. It is not like the guy actually had sex with an intern like Barney Frank or Bill Clinton. There is my right wing conspiracy rant.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

I agree with Dick, too. It is all too disgusting. And it goes way beyond partisan politics. It's politics in general. And the guy that molested the FL guy (how conveniently I put his name out of my mind) is a clergyman and he wants to divulge his name, only his attorneys say he has to wait until he's out of rehab. What a smokescreen.

Bush is in L.A. tonight for a fund-raiser and Beverly Hills is closed off. One of our kids was honored by him tonight at the airport. It's on the blog. I love this kid and I know his heart is in the right place, but Bush's people are milking it for all it is worth.

Maya's Granny said...

The part that really gets to me is that they are trying to turn it into a gay problem. This is how gays are destroying the family. Balderdash. When an adult harasses a youth of the opposite sex no one identifies it as a heterosexual problem. Pedophiles are pedophiles, they aren't gay.

Winston said...

Political life is a photo-op accompanying a blatant power grab.

robin andrea said...

I like the idea of a citizen congress. That's what the House of Representatives was supposed to be, I think. They're all corrupt, but as you noted, Rain, the republicans pretend not to be, and not only that, they do attempt to speak with moral authority. A craven bunch.

goldenlucyd said...

Thanks for having the good taste to skip the pics. Reading about it is revolting enough! Even decent folks sweem to be corrupted once they become part of the system. Dick is right. Let's have a citizen congress!

Rain said...

I agree with what you all said would like to see a change in our government but it'll be hard to bring about as the ones there have a real lock on power right now.

Thanks for the great idea on the outhouse, Dick, and I used it :)

I also agree what what you said, Maya's Granny about the gays. The heterosexuals prey on young women. It's about abuse of power in the case of both.

Rain said...

well actually, Lucy, I put up a picture after Dick's suggestion and just before you commented. Hope you don't find it in bad taste if you come back to see it :) I just couldn't resist.. my wicked sense of humor just got the best of me. Can I say the devil made me do it? :) Maybe i better not

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Candidates for 2008 would make an excellent commentary, wouldn't it Rain? And then you would do the research and I wouldn't have to. We keep hearing a lot about Hillary, a personal favorite of mine, but I think running her would be throw-away for the Democratic party. With the climate of the country being so conservative, no liberal could be elected now--Joe Lieberman, case in point, though it may have been his pro-war stance that got him.

Rain said...

that's a good idea, Fran. Maybe others who have ideas on who should run can comment on that. I don't have any ideas right now but will think about it. It's easier to see who I don't want than do at this point :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I agree with what Ted Turner said when asked about politics; He said that a law should be passed barring men from running for office and holding office for 100 years, and that only women should be allowed to hold office. He said he thought men had had years and years to do whatever, and that all the did was screw it up and he thought women would do a much better job because they are so much more compassionate human beings...
I say, if WOMEN ran the world, there would be no more wars!

As far as all this crap with Foley and who is at fault...HELP ME PLEASE!

Ingineer66 said...

I am going to have to take exception to Mr. Turners comments. He should stick to running TV networks and stay away from religion and politics. Ever hear of Margaret Thatcher and the Falkland Islands. Indira Ghandi was Prime Minister of India when they tested their first atomic bomb. Or maybe Golda Mayer. She was PM for Israel's first atomic test. And Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan provided support to the Taliban helping them take control of Afghanistan.